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All Sermons preached by Andy Neckar at Community Bible Chapel


                    The Pulpit and The Pew

I Hate Sin

The Reason for Church Fellowship

By Your Fruit We Shall Know You  

The Christian Standing verses the Christian State

Why do unbelievers NOT belong in the assembly of Believers?

New Testament Order of the Assembling of Ourselves Together - How to "take part" in church meetings.

Pierced Body Parts & False Prophets

Giving Christ the Preeminence

The Gospel in a Nutshell

Adam Listened to his Wife Instead of God.


Cheap Grace

Christian Love

Salt-Spiritual Malnutrition & Sorry Christians

Confession of Christ is a Blessing

Is Seeing Believing

Living in the World

The Transformation of Jesus

Glorying in the Cross

We Must Needs go Through Samaria

Ye Must Be Born Again

Precious Promises

The Security of Eternal Life

Repentance or Good Works?

Are There Few That Be Saved?

The Blessing of the Thorn