The Testimony of Lavada Juanita (Nita) Neckar


The Testimony of Lavada Juanita (Nita)  Neckar, spouse of Andy Neckar

I've always all my life believed in Jesus Christ. But as a child I learned to pray, but never accepted Him outwardly as my Savior. I didn't understand what it meant. I just thought if I believed in Him and prayed, everything would be okay.

I was 16 years old when I married a man that had been a Catholic all his life. This sounded interesting. You could go to church and never hear an altar call. You just sit there through it all and kneeled once in a while. That was easy. I was baptized a Catholic, not knowing what I was doing, but it seemed O.K. I didn't have any idea that it was wrong. I didn't know I was getting deeper and deeper into sin. We went to church on Sunday with the family, 2 boys and 1 girl which were also Catholic.

I never really believed the priest could pray your sins away, but I went to him anyway. I got scolded by my husband for not wanting to go to confession. This was the old me showing through for when I was a kid, but I went to keep peace. Also took the kids. Also I didn't believe in Mary as the Catholics did, but here again, I learned to pray the rosary and do what the Catholics do, and I thought it was alright with God, never even thinking to much about it. But yet, I was still getting deeper and deeper in sin.

Well, after the kids got grown and left home, a son of ours started studying the Bible. He seemed to realize that something was wrong with the Catholic Church. He would come over every chance he could to talk to his dad and me about the Bible. They would argue about it. I thought it was wrong to argue about the Bible. But I could hear what was going on. My husband was going to prove my son was wrong about Catholics but he couldn't.

As time went by hearing all this, and all this started coming back to me from when I was a kid, we started studying the Bible, my husband and I, and talking about it. We decided to go to church near our house. A Baptist church about October 1991 on Wednesday night we talked to the pastor about joining the church and being baptized. We had studied that we should be baptized in a Christian Church.

But if it wasn't for Jesus Christ moving my husband and getting us to church and teaching me more about Christ, Jesus Christ was working through him to get to me. I don't know if I would have been saved and baptized. I didn't know it was so important to repent of your sins and outwardly let everybody know that you accepted Jesus as your Savior. I repented of my sins. I wanted Jesus to be with me the rest of my life, and I never wanted to do any of them again.

By the grace of God and His Son Jesus Christ that died for me, I will go to be with Him when He takes me home. I'm not a person that reads a lot, but I have my ears open to what I hear, and read a little bit. There's not a day goes by that Jesus is not with me, from my prayer at night before bed to waking up in the morning, helping me get through the day, giving me strength to be a good Christian and also get my work done. Praise the Lord He was ready to call me out of the sins of the world to live for Him.