The Mel Gibson Movie
"The Passion of Christ"
[Written for publication in the Hico News Review, our weekly hometown newspaper.]

Have you ever read a critique of a movie by one who has never seen that movie?  Well you are about to read one now.

First of all let ME say what GOD says.

So then faith comes by "seeing" and salvation comes by "emotional feelings".

Wait a minute.  I have that all wrong, the same as all the others. Lets get it right this time
Rom 10:17 So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. (KJV)

Jesus the Christ doesn't want us to FEEL SORRY for Him; He wants us to OBEY Him. How can you feel sorry for Him, --devotedly, -- when not a one of us can even come close to comprehending the pain and suffering He's been through.

It cannot be "described" and surely it cannot be "portrayed" on a move screen.

The "physical pain" and suffering that Christ suffered "in the flesh" on the tree that day, was A PIECE OF CAKE compared to His REAL SUFFERING.

The "human" suffering of Christ, I say again, was a PIECE OF CAKE compared to the "spiritual" suffering He endured as he hung on that tree for us that day.

We often hear of the physical pain that Christ suffered on the cross for out sins. The pain of the nails being driven into His hands and feet, and how excruciating the pain must have been when the cross was righted and dropped into the hole that supported the cross.

 We hear how this sudden jerk widened the nail holes, as Christ's body weight was supported only by the nails driven through His flesh. All this is true, but emphasizing only on the physical pain, masks the real pain our Lord suffered.

God choose to have Him die a shameful and physical excruciating death, but we cannot look at Christ's death on only that perspective. There is much more to His death than that outlook alone.

The thing that God hates MOST is SIN, and God placed all the sins of the world, past, present and future, on Him as He hung on the Tree. Not only “that” but Christ BECAME SIN on the Cross-that day. (2 Cor 5:21)

It was SIN that killed Christ.  It was OUR sin--the sins of the Jews and the Gentiles.

How can one portray a picture of THIS? You want emotionalism not realism

The Roman Catholic Pope says “it is as it happened” but this Messenger of Christ says NO! The movie features the RC depiction of a longhaired Jesus that they are known for.

Why feel emotions for Christ’s sufferings when this church offers Him up DAILY on millions of altars, worldwide? Why offer Him AGAIN and AGAIN when He, Christ Himself, said “IT IS FINISHED”  (John 19:30)

How can one picture the SPIRITUAL SUFFERING of “God Himself”, when His Word, manifest in the flesh as Jesus Christ, hung on that tree so long ago.

From the 6th hour (around noon) to the 9th hour (3 p.m.) Christ was SPIRITUALLY SUFFERING on that Tree. God had abandoned/turned His back on His Son., as Christ has BECOME SIN “for us” and God cannot look upon sin. (Mark 15:33-37)

Do you love God?  Do you feel “human emotions” for God? Is that why you went to see the movie? Emotionalism is a very stirring experience, but is of no spiritual benefit for the Christian Walk.

Do you REALLY love God?  THIS is the love of God.

I Jn 5:3 For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments: and his commandments are not grievous.

If you want to feel emotions, read the cnview web site. It will either emotionally uplift you or stir up such repugnant disagreeable emotions you may think the movie, “The Passion Of Christ”, was bland. 

  Andy Neckar
A Messenger of Christ
Earnestly Contending For The Faith-Jude 1:3