The Charismatic Movement
By Ronald Branson -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The Vast Field of Charismatic Confusion. It was our desire, as we took up our pens, to bring to you that which we have in our files concerning the Charismatic Movement, but found that we had to condense, and recondense our material. Finally we selected what possibly may be the largest charismatic group, the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International. This, we believe, is the foundational organization of the Charismatic Movement.

F.G.B.M.F.I. Boost They Were The Force Behind Charismatics. According to the testimony of Demos Shakarian, the International President of the F.G.B.M.F.I., in the Denver Post of Sept. 3rd, 72, "He believes his organization was the force behind the charismatic renewal movement. . ." And according to the introduction leaflet of the organization they say of him, "As surely as God endued Moses with divine direction to deliver Israel, He empowered Demos Shakarian, a humble California dairyman . .

Let Us Look Then At This "Empowered" Man's Salvation Testimony. On page 13 & 14 of "The Shakarian Story" he states, "I cannot remember a time when I did not believe that I was a child of God and on my way to heaven. If this sounds strange to you, it may help to point out that our Armenian families are a little different from the average American family. In the average American home, there is a lot of individuality, each member of the home deciding the course he wants to follow. Sometimes, religiously, this carries the members of the home apart. But in the average Armenian home, we go together. Like the old Hebrews and the early Christians, our religion is a family religion." Yes, Mr. Shakarian, this does sound strange to us. Are you trying to tell us that Armenians do not need to be "Born Again?" Again, The Denver Post of Sept. 3rd, 72 gives weight to this when it says, "A Christian all his life, Shakarian got the idea for the organization. . ." We correct lost people on the street for such heretic doctrine, for we know of no one who has gone to heaven on the coattail of their parents or family, yet this is what is being set forth by the one some may consider the founder of the Charismatic Movement.

How Did Shakarian's Ministry, F.G.B.M.F.I., Gel Started? The Denver Post, Sept. 3rd, 72, "Eleven months after Demos Shakarian started the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship 20 years ago he was ready to give it up." "After a three and one-half hour prayer, he had a vision from God. His wife interpreted the vision and also the words he was hearing from God. Shakarian, in Denver for a regional meeting of the Fellowship, said in an interview that the vision showed him men of all nations being spiritually awakened." The Sept. 74 issue of Voice enlarges upon this, "Then, through my wife Rose came the prophecy: "The very thing you now see before you will soon come to pass." Suddenly I saw those same men with their arms and hands lifted in praise, It was an outpouring of Holy Spirit revival upon all flesh. The vision was a revelation of the impact to be made by the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International . . ." Isn't it odd that "God" is now giving new revelations that contradict His Holy Word? Where does the Scriptures tell of a last day revival of the world, or even the believers for that matter? We all need to get back to our Bibles and read Jeremiah 23:21-40 again.

Even The Likeness Of Joseph Smith And The Golden Plates. In "The Shakarian Story" starting on page 3, it states, "in 1855, an eleven-year old Russian boy who lived in Armenia received a wonderful, supernatural visitation. For seven days and seven nights he was under the power of God writing prophecy of things to come. He neither ate, drank nor slept during the seven days and seven nights. Although he was an illiterate boy, he wrote in beautiful handwriting..." "The Russian boy's prophecy was carefully preserved, awaiting such a time as its full meaning would be revealed by God." "Forty Five Years had passed since the eleven year old Russian boy had written the prophecy from God." "Then, without any advance indication, the Lord instructed the prophet to warn the Armenians that the time had come for the prophecy to be fulfilled." "The year was 1900. They took the written prophecy with them and preserved it in a church they built in Los Angeles, California." Do they consider this inspired Scripture? A footnote on page 14 reads, "On page eight is a photographic reproduction of some of the writing and drawings of the eleven year old Russian youth made in Armenia in 1855. The original manuscripts, written more than one hundred years ago, are in a Russian church in Los Angeles, California. The Russian text matter was set in type and added to the original handwork." Isn't it wonderful that the believers now have another supernatural original manuscript from God? If it is straight from God, then it is perfect. If it is perfect, it should be in our Bibles. We thank God that we have a whole Bible. May the Lord protect all of us from the heretical Charismatic Movement of these days. A simple study of Mormonism and Joseph Smith will reveal astonishing resemblance's to their testimony above. Read, "Origin Of The Book Of Mormon" and compare it to this cult.

Where Are The F.G.B.M.F.I. And The Charismatic Headed? Sept. 21st, 74 issue of L.A. Herald Examiner says, "Demos Shakarian . . will attend a three-day ecumenical conference, opening Thursday, Sept. 26 at the Palazzo del Congressi in Rome." Sept., 74 Voice boasts, "The book you've been waiting for is now here! The Acts of the Holy Spirit Among the Catholics Today." The question we are forced to ask is, if this is the Holy Spirit, where is the exodus? Voice, their own magazine of Oct., 73 states with a positive outlook, "According to the July issue of Christ for the Nations, Cardinal Suenens . . . has discussed the baptism the in the Holy Spirit with Pope Paul, who gave a sympathetic ear. The7 Pope was later to say on February 21, 1973, "Here we are in the sphere of the Charismatic, of which there is so much talk these days. The Spirit blows where He pleases, and it will certainly not be we who will quench Him ... !" Their direction is quite clear to us, ROME, The Harlot Church of the Scriptures. Now you judge, is this the Holy Spirit of God that is leading the Charismatics to Rome, or a false spirit?

What Does God Think Of Unity Placed Above Truth? "Come out of her ,my people ,that ye be not partakers of her sins" Rev 18:4 Let us keep in mind the words of our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ, "Many (charismatics) will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you…." Matt. 7:22,23.

Charismatic In Conclusion. Please do not misunderstand us, we know that there are many dear and sincere brethren in Christ in the Charismatic Movement, and we do not at all dislike them. Many of them just do not know the facts contained herein, therefore we must shout a loving warning that they depart from that which God dispises, that they may truly stand by our side in this warfare against the devil and his plan of a One World Church. If we can be of help to you, please write and let us know. Our love to all you who love and obey the Word of God in all Truth.

Ronald Branson
205 N. Union Avenue
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