Our Churches Give Thanks

This poem was written in response to the public recognition that folks receive in the area churches here in Hico, as witnessed first hand and publicized in the newspaper.

Our Churches Give Thanks
By Andy Neckar

We give thanks and recognition
For little things that people do
They do the work for Jesus
And we praise them through and through

No matter how incidental
We give them a big hand
We build them up for Jesus
Before Jesus ever can

The choir offers lovely music
That can lift our heart for days
If from their hearts they sing to Jesus
Should we then offer praise

Yes, they do the work for Jesus
Then we pull our little stint
We praise them from the pulpit
And we put their names in print

Can too much praise get out of hand
Can we become accustomed to expect it
Before it leads to self-esteem
Should we not possibly reject it

Public praise for faith in God
Is certainly alluring
When given for a proper cause
For building and assuring

But a word of thanks in private
Is all that we should need
Not public recognition
For every little deed

So let's keep the pulpit open
For the praises of the Lord
And leave it up to Jesus
To give us our reward