This poem was written in honor of the Easter Season in 1994

By Andy Neckar

A message by Angels, "Goodwill toward men"
A Savior is born, in old Bethlehem
Glad tidings the message, for sinners the hope
The Son of the Father, in infinite scope

The message of Jesus, "It is finished" He cried
To His heavenly Father, on the cross where He died
The Testator dying, the covenant complete
By the sin cleansing blood, on the ground at His feet

A message by Angels, it is recorded they say
"He is not here", see the tomb where He lay
They say He is living, He no longer is dead
He is resurrected, the witnesses said

They say that we too, can do what He did
By believing in faith, on what He has said
In accepting the pardon, that He willingly gave
We too, leave behind, a cold empty grave

Hark! Can you hear, and will you take heed?
Of manifestation, that all sinners need
A message of hope, that man cannot buy
Delivered by Angels, and our dear Savior's cry