This poem was written in response to the activities publicized by the Southern Baptist and United Methodist churches here in Hico.

By Andy Neckar

We go to church for pleasure
We urge others do the same
We have to entertain ourselves
Regardless in "Who's Name"

We resort to worldly pleasures
So we can draw a throng
It's numbers we are after
Unmindful if it's wrong

It seems we cannot worship
Unless we make it fun
We work so hard to entertain
And leave "His Work" undone

We gather in "His Name" for charm
And honor to our neighbor
Congeniality is our concern
And oh, how hard we labor

If the Word is ineffective
To fill the empty pews
We offer substitution
It's numbers we pursue

We have high attendance Sunday
And we set a numbers goal
We entice with entertainment
Is that the pastors role

Jesus never threw a party
And He did not entertain
He attracted through the "Word of God"
He never played the numbers game

But we've had a good time counting
Since the games begun
Now we're burning with the devil
My, aren't we having fun