This poem was written around three years after I became a
Christian as I began to see changes in my life, and joyfully
witnessed all three of my children come to the Lord Jesus Christ.

He Lives

By Andy Neckar

Jesus Christ lives in my heart
In everything I see
The power of His Holy Spirit
Is visible to me
I see His essence in my family
In the blessings that He gives
Which causes me to shout with joy
He Lives, He Lives

I see His presence in my children
All came to the Lord
Not because of coaxing
They came on their own accord
Prompted by the Spirit
Through the influence that He gives
And caused my heart to shout with joy
He Lives, He Lives

I see Him in my daily bread
That He so generously supplies
No obscure apparition
I see Him with my eyes
I have been made to see Him
Through the blessings that He gives
It's so obviously apparent that
He Lives, He Lives

When bills are due, He sees to it
There's money coming in
When Satan calls, He gives the power
For victory over sin
I am a living witness
And my testimony gives
Added crystal-clearness that
He Lives, He Lives

I am proof that He is living
And that He's no longer dead
For He lives within my heart and soul
Just like the Gospel said
And on that resurrection
That He has promised me to give
I'll look upon His face and shout
He Lives, He Lives