Dr. E.V. Hill

Taken from Chapter Nine of the book "New Neutralism II: Exposing The Gray Of Compromise". by John E. Ashbrook

Dr. E. V Hill is the black pastor of the Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church in the Watts section of Los Angeles. His church is affiliated with the National Baptist Convention, which is a part of the National Council of Churches. His doctor's degree (or, at least one of them) is from Oral Roberts University in 1985. Dr. Hill has a strange list of credentials. The Fundamental Information Service Bulletin for September 15, 1982 quoted the Wheaton College Bulletin for March 1977 as stating that Dr. Hill was on the Billy Graham Association board of directors, the board of the Los Angeles Urban League, the Los Angeles NAACP and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. He endorsed the 1984 candidacy of the Rev. Jesse Jackson for the Democratic nomination for the presidency Christian Life for March 1982 indicated that Dr. Hill appeared with Rev. Jackson at a Campus Crusade sponsored conference in Chicago called "Chicago '81." Jesse Jackson may be called "Reverend," but he is by no means reverent. He has no respect for the Bible and has said that "Adam and Eve is a myth," and that, "Now I think Dr. King's letter from a Birmingham jail is just as profound as anything Paul ever wrote." I would think that even the most fervent new evangelical would choke on that. Foundation Magazine for November/December 1986 cites Dr. Hill as listed to speak at the 1987 Inner-City Pastors Conference in Washington, D.C. March 16-19, 1987. Other featured speakers were charismatics Jack Hayford, Larry Lea and Bob Mumford.

Despite these leftist credentials Dr. E.V Hill has been a speaker at Billy Graham's Amsterdam '83 Conference, Jerry Falwell's 1983 and 1991 "Super Conference," Dallas Seminary, Moody Bible Institute's "Founder's Week" in 1991 and "Pastors' Conference" in 1985. He, along with Jerry Falwell, spoke for the Conference of Southern Baptist Evangelists prior to the SBC Convention in Las Vegas in 1989. He spoke for the 1987 annual fellowship of the Conservative Baptists. In May of 1991 he was commencement speaker at charismatic Kenneth Hagin’s Rhema Center. He is listed as a speaker for Billy Graham's 1992 "School of Evangelism" in Wheaton, Illinois. Brethren, such things ought not so to be. Any good man can make a mistake in his associations, but this group of popular speakers in new evangelicalism seems to make a career of it,

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