Thinking Of Christmas

This poem was written for Christmas in 1993 for publication in the Hico News Review. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Thinking of Christmas

By Andy Neckar

What does Christmas mean to you
Maybe presents wrapped in blue
Or do your thoughts tend to stray
To a far off yesterday

Where a Holy Infant small
Was born in a manger stall
A Savior born for you and me
That's what Christmas was meant to be

But oh, how soon it is forgotten
By the need to fill the stocking
The tree is standing, oh! good looking
The sweet aroma of home cooking

Hustle bustle do our shopping
Spend our money till we're dropping
Put it on a credit card
Decorate the house and yard

Go into debt, oh! how we hate it
Cancel Christmas has been debated
Tension soon begins to mount
From the balance of our bank account

But it don't have to be that way
I muster courage now to say
For the season has been shook
From looking through our pocketbook

By looking through our hearts we find
The cheer of tranquil peace of mind
We share the joy the tidings bring
And join in what the angels sing

Peace on earth, Goodwill to men
A virgin birth, the Fathers plan
Recalling now can be so pleasing