Dr. Charles Swindoll

Taken from Chapter Nine of the book "New Neutralism II: Exposing The Gray Of Compromise". by John E. Ashbrook

I entered a Zondervan Bookstore in our area to seek a book. I pulled my hat low and my collar up, for the rock and contemporary Christian music which filled the store made me know that I didn’t care to be seen there. As I searched for what I wanted, I observed that the shelves were well populated with books by Dr. Charles Swindoll. Most of them dealt with the emotional problems to which humans are heir loneliness, fear and depression. The writer is usually known as "Chuck" Swindoll and that is a little testimony to his informal, folksy way of speaking and writing. He is pastor of the First Evangelical Free Church of Fullerton, California. He is one of the eminent popularizers of new evangelicalism. Men like Harold Ockenga, Carl Henry and Vernon Grounds would proudly claim the title of new evangelicals. Most of the popularizers of whom I write do not say, "I am a new evangelical." They just represent and reflect the attitudes, itineraries and values of that system,

I have already spent many words on Billy Graham and his position in ecumenical evangelism. Dr. Swindoll supported Graham's 1985 Los Angeles Crusade and has been a speaker at Graham's "Schools of Evangelism!' Many a group leery of Billy Graham because of his outspoken cooperation with ecumenism and Catholicism will have Chuck Swindoll without ever thinking of the connection between the two, One of the habits of new evangelicals is to use the testimonies of prominent worldlings who claim to have received Christ - movie stars, entertainment figures and professional sports celebrities. Swindoll took this penchant to a new height in his Winter 1986, Insights Magazine by using the testimony of brewery magnate Adolph Coors IV. I could wish that Billy Sunday might be resurrected to comment on that.

Like the rest of our popularizers, Swindoll has spoken around the circuit in all kinds of company He was advertised at Dr. R.C. Sproul's February 1992 conference with Charles Colson and Dr, J. 1. Packer. He has been a keynote speaker for National Religious Broadcasters conventions with Billy Graham and the usual NRB mix of charismatics. He has appeared on Southern Baptist Convention platforms. He has been featured at Dallas Seminary for commencement and the Founders Celebration and has been a repeater at Moody Founder's Week. Fellow speakers listed for 1992 were psychologist Larry Crabb, charismatic Bruce Wilkinson and Southern Baptist Charles Stanley Swindoll is theologically well trained, I wonder if he is not secretly troubled at times by some of the company he keeps,

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