Dr. Charles F. Stanley

Taken from Chapter Nine of the book "New Neutralism II: Exposing The Gray Of Compromise". by John E. Ashbrook

One of the best-known headliners in the new evangelical phalanx of popularizers is Dr. Charles Stanley, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Atlanta. Television stations all across America broadcast his Sunday service under the name, "In Touch." As of 1985 his radio program was carried on about 150 stations. He is a graduate of the University of Richmond, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and Luther Rice Seminary. He is a good preacher. If you start to listen to one of his messages, you will hear him out.

Dr. Stanley was one of the original founders of the Moral Majority That group is one of the classic examples of "the good cause syndrome" - the persuasion that Christians can cross Scriptural lines of demarcation if the cause is good enough. The Moral Majority joined believer and unbeliever, Mormon and Methodist, Catholic and charismatic in an unholy union to save the country. Needless to say, the country was not saved, but the cause of Christ was damaged. The line of demarcation between the godly and the "do-gooder" was blurred beyond recognition. He served (or has served) on the board of the National Religious Broadcasters. We have already seen that that group is one of the most compromising parts of the National Association of Evangelicals. For example, Stanley was listed as a speaker for the 1990 convention, along with charismatic Pat Robertson. He has spoken at Moody Founder's Week in 1989 and at the California Graduate School of Theology. The lists of places where these popularizers speak could be made endless, I have given just the ones which I notice in the brochures and reports which cross a pastor's desk.

How do I know that Dr. Charles Stanley is a new evangelical? The simple answer to that is to say that he is a part of the Southern Baptist Convention. There are no fundamentalists in the Convention. Fundamentalism is the militant belief and proclamation of the basic doctrines of Christianity leading to a Scriptural separation from those who reject them. Over the past thirty years, the fundamentalists in the Convention recognized the apostasy and left the sinking ship to found independent Baptist churches all across the south. The media have conspired to muddy the waters on this issue. They describe the battle as one between the conservatives and the moderates. Any study of theology and reality will show that the moderates are higher-critical apostates in the mold of Harry Emerson Fosdick. Fosdick never traveled under false colors; they do, but the theology is the same. The conservatives are really new evangelicals. They repudiate separation from apostasy, as proven by the fact that they are still there. They identify apostasy. They cry loudly against it. They tolerate and dialogue with it. They are doing in the Southern Baptist Convention what Dr. Harold John Ockenga and Fuller Seminary sought to do in the Presbyterian Church.

Dr. Stanley believes in Biblical inerrancy and recognizes the apostasy of the Southern Baptist Convention. Dr. Stanley instructed his church that the way to fight the apostasy was to starve it out by refusing to give to the Cooperative Program. But then, in 1984, Dr. Stanley was elected to the presidency of the Southern Baptist Convention. Would the new president make war on blasphemy within the convention? Dr. David Beale, in his excellent book, S.B,C. House on the Sand, gives Stanley's statement at his first press conference, "I think we have to learn to live together and love each other, whether we agree or not." Dr. Beale reported further: "Dr. Stanley announced to the Baptist Press Association on September 17, 1984, that he had now challenged his church to more than double its Cooperative Program giving for the coming year and to rethink its entire missions program," (If you desire the whole story in detail get Dr. Beale's book from Unusual Publications, Greenville, SC, 29614.) Would the new president clean house of the infidels in Southern Baptist schools? No, Dr. Stanley chose to settle for parity instead of purity. I cannot conceive how any Bible believer could think that God would settle for a parity of belief and unbelief. I guess I would have to term this, "the unequal yoke of equality." What will you do with II Corinthians 6-14-18, II John 7-11, Ephesians 5:11 and II Thessalonians 3:6? The God who demands purity will never settle for parity. This, Friend, is neutralism - an impressive presence in the pulpit with an impotent protest on the field of battle, This is prominent popularizer, Dr Charles Stanley.

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