Catholic Priest Speaks to Promise Keepers
By E.L. Bynum

The ecumenical nature of Promise Keepers is being revealed more every day. The following quote was taken from our local newspaper:

"Men from across the area gathered in Plainview [Texas] to take part in the national Christian men's movement.

"From pre-teens to senior citizens, several hundred white, black and Hispanic men gathered to sing hymns and hear a pointedly spiritual message that they should be accountable to their wives, children and, most importantly, to God.

"Father John Salazar, who leads Catholic churches in Kress and Tulia, implored listeners to value themselves because they were made in the image of God. He said men should not be afraid to show emotion and even to cry, as Jesus did.

"'That is the Jesus Christ we need to bring, especially to other men and to young men,' Salazar said to an audience that encompassed everyone from quietly reverent Episcopalians to openly enthusiastic Pentecostals" (Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, Lubbock, Texas, December 3, 1995).

Of course the Baptists were there. Mark Julian, youth minister at First Baptist Church in Lubbock, was one of the speakers.

Imagine involving the Catholic Church, and Catholic priests into telling men to keep their promises and to keep themselves pure. Look at any country where the Catholics make up the majority, and you will find an immoral and corrupt society. In those societies, women have very few rights, and the men have open season on committing adultery.

Imagine Catholic priests speaking on keeping promises, and staying pure, when 40% or more of them are homosexuals. Over and over again Catholic priests are charged with molesting children, especially boys.

Pastors who are pandering to Promise Keepers are either apostates, cowards, or just plain ignorant. May God have mercy on our corrupt religious system today. Christians wake up and get out of this corrupt system. Baptist preachers, get rid of that sweet potato vine you have for a backbone, and get a steel rail forged in the furnace of God's Word.

Plains Baptist Challenger PO Box 3100, Lubbock, TX 79452]