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Yes! The Lord Jesus said so, "But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged, about his neck, and that lie were drowned in the depth of the sea," (Matthew 18:6).

Jim Moritz was suddenly taken to Glory at the age of four, June 28, 1969. He grew up under the constant hearing of the Gospel in word and in music.

His parents, Pastor and Mrs. Fred Moritz, dedicated him to the Lord before be was born. He knew John 3:16 before he was two years of age.

Saturday, March 15, during evangelistic meetings the evangelist, Allen Northrup, and pastor were still at the church after the service when Mrs. Moritz phoned and said: "Your son says he wants to become a Christian."

The pastor and evangelist tried to talk to the boy that night, but he was very timid and just went to his room.

After the series of meetings, Jim began to speak of having been saved. His father said, "Jim, when were you saved?"

His dad thought that because Jim had raised his hand during the meetings, he might have the false impression that be was saved. But the boy replied: "Dad, when Allen Northrup was here in our church, I went into my room one night, and I sat down by my bed and asked Jesus Christ to save me and be my Saviour,"

After that, whenever his dad or anyone else would question him about his salvation he would say, "Dad, I told you when I was saved. You remember, don't you?" Jim always had the right answers when anyone questioned him about salvation.

On June 9, 1969, Jim came to the door with a little friend and said, "She wants to be saved."

Jim's father led the little girl to Christ. She was saved as a result of Jim's witness.

After Jim's sudden home-going, his testimony lived on, and his parents know of at least eight who have been saved since then because of Jim's salvation and his witness.

How important it is that little children are taught the Gospel. How wonderful that even little children can witness. The plan of salvation is so simple that even a child need not err therein!

Yes, anyone, young or old, who "believes in" Christ has eternal life!

Our Lord said, "He that believeth on me hath everlasting life," (John 6:47).

See Matthew 18. In verse 2, we learn that our Lord loves little children, for He "called a little child unto him."

Also, little children can learn to love Him, for when the Lord called this little one to Him, the child came. The little boy was not afraid of the Lord; he did not run from Him-he came to Him!

Now read verse 6 again, and let these words sink into your mind: "these little ones which believe in me."

Yes, thank God, little children can be saved. I was saved at my mothers knee when I was four years old.

Some say, "No one can be saved at the early age of four."

Well, my mother didn't know that, so she just went ahead and led me to Christ! And I didn't know it either, so I just went ahead and received Christ and got saved!

I can't tell you the exact time. I know it was warm enough for us to be out on the front porch, so it had to be sometime between May and October.

I don't remember whether it was morning, noon, or night; I know where it happened-1848 41st Street, Rock Island, Illinois! -

Parents, be sure to lead your little children to Christ. If you explain salvation to them, over and over again, they will understand.

If your little child were suddenly called from this world, what a comfort it would be to say, "I had the joy of leading him or her to Christ."

Remember, our Lord said, "Suffer (allow) little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven," (Matthew 19:14).

Yes, you can lead your children to Christ. They will understand if you carefully explain the plan of salvation to them.

Don't say, "If you are a good boy, you'll go to Heaven."

No, he won't!

NOBODY goes to Heaven by "being good" or by being "religious."

By the way, mother or dad, are YOU saved? You know you are a sinner, for God declares, "All have sinned." (See Romans 3:23.) And you know you are a lost sinner, "For the wages of sin is death," (Romans 6:23).

You know that, "God commendeth His love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us," (Romans 5:8).

And now that Christ died to bear your sin and rose again, you can be saved forever by trusting in Him and in what He did for you on the cross.

"But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name," (John 1: 12).

Children are saved by receiving the Lord Jesus and trusting in Him. And adults are saved the same way!

Mother and daddy make sure you are saved, and then set. out to win your children to Christ.

Do it now! Before this ungodly, wicked world with its fierce temptations, snares, and pitfalls drags your child into the cesspools of iniquity.

Do it now! Before Satan, through his many agents and helpers, deceives them with false teachings of evolution, new morality, situation ethics, sensitivity training, and sex without morality.

Do it now! Then get into a good, sound, separated, Christ-exalting, Bible-preaching church and see to it that the whole family is there at all the regular services.

Do it now! And begin a daily "family altar" in your home, when you read the Word of God and pray with your family

You will pay an awful price if you don't. You will reap many blessings if you do.

Please read, "7 Important Questions Boys and Girls Ask." You can use it to help you explain the way of salvation to your children, Others have used this tract to lead children to the Saviour. If you will make up your mind to do your best to point your children to the Lord, Then---from your heart, please say this prayer. God helping me, I will do my best to lead my child (or children) to-Christ. I will read the tract to my child (or children).

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