The Purpose Of This Ministry

This is a personal non-registered ministry. It provides a "service"  ( written articles by the owner/editor of this web site and others) free of charge

The purpose of this ministry is to teach "True Biblical Doctrine", and inform believers of the current tactics of Satan as he goes about forming the "Latter Day One-World Church".

We believe it is important to direct believers to informative materials which will help them avoid being led away from Biblical truth. The Lord has raised up a number of vessels in the Body with concerns similar to ours, and their endeavors, whether books, tapes or articles offer tremendous insights regarding issues adversely influencing the church. Providing links to web sites that offer such excellent materials to those who would personally benefit or use them to benefit others is one of our goals.


The Goal Of Christian News & Views

The goal of this ministry is to offer as much Biblical Discerning Articles written, and or reported by us, that expose and oppose false teachings.