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The purpose of this page is to show readers how far the modern day church has strayed away from its New Testament beginnings. This page, either written by me or by others, will demonstrate the "Truth about the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ".



Why Modern Churches Are Carnal:
God’s Plan For A Scriptural New Testament Church.

Chapter 1 - What is the Church
Chapter 2 - Traditions in the Church
Chapter 3 - Names & Titles
Chapter 4 - Position of the Modern Day Pastor
Chapter 5 - Church Membership in Today's Churches
Chapter 6 - Is Tithing For Today?
Chapter 7 - Overview


Can Jesus Christ Be Trusted?

Please read this on-line booklet.  It is much more than saying YES, Christ CAN be trusted.  We say ALL Christians know this.   But this booklet is so much more.  This booklet is one of the best I have ever read.  It tells the WHY, the WHO and the HOW of SIN and SALVATION. This booklet will change you by giving you the "best understanding" of the fall of man and his restoration to God's will.  Again--this is one of the BEST booklets I have ever read.

Chapter 1 - Universal Distrust
Chapter 2 - We Can Trust Christ Because Of Who He Is
Chapter 3 - What Has He Done?
Chapter 4 - Why did He Do It?
Chapter 5 - What He Has Prepared For Us


The Church: Its Center, Ordinances, Worship, and Ministry

Chapter 1 - The Church
Chapter 2 - The Constructive Side of Church Truth
Chapter 3 - Church Ministry
Closing Remarks


One-Man Ministry

Introduction & Point to Ponder
Assumptions We Make
Truth From Scripture
Conclusion - How Do We Respond?


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