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Editor's Note: Each one of the following sites have been examined by me and held to be Biblical and informative to aid in discernment and knowledge of the Truth. However, these sites may change and/or add articles from time to time and I will not be able to monitor them constantly. So—if you see a site link here that you feel should not be listed, please email me and I will investigate the matter.


Christian Sites

A. Allison Lewis Homepage
What The Bible teaches is TRUE.

A Friend To Churches Ministries
Dr. Gipp, author of The Answer Book in defense of the KJV.

Apologetics Index
A good site to keep informed of today's apostasy. Massive information.

Bible Armour
Real Audio Home Page.

Bible Believer's Resource Page
An excellent series of articles arranged topically.

Biblical Discernment Ministries - Computer Discernment Notebook
Book Reviews, Exposé, Cults, Psycho/New Age/Misc. Etc.

Brethren Assembly Truths - Joseph and Florence Home Page
Over time and through the generations, many fundamental bible truths have been lost, pushed out by modernism or are simply not taught. Boundaries which once were have been moved further and further outward (erroneously attributed to free grace), encompassing the ground occupied by the world, the flesh and the devil. Things, which the saints once knew were wrong and never questioned, they now embrace heartily.

Calvary Contender
Bi-Monthly Newsletter. Most "quoted" newsletter around.

Chick Tract Publications
Illustrated Gospel tracts.

Creation Science Homepage
Articles exposing the myth of evolution. 

Ed Tarkowski Site
The Second Coming of our Lord & Savior.

Ephesians 5:11, Inc. Web Site
Refuting Freemasonry.

European Institute of Protestant Studies
Ian Paisley exposing Roman Catholicism, The Alpha Course, and much more. A massive site with much needed information.

Former Catholics For Christ
The GOOD NEWSletter

Good News For Catholics
"Speaking the truth in love" (Ephesians 4:15)

Hephzibah House
A Bible-believing Christian ministry helping families in crisis since 1971.

Hosanna - Lynnwood Ridge, South Africa NEW
Discourses written in Africa for Africans.

International Tract Ministry
Distributing the Gospel to a waiting world.

Jason's Christian Page
Good page-Check it out.

Kjos Ministries
Great site by renowned author of "Brave New Schools" exposing Outcome Based Education (OBE), Occult games (Pokémon) and books (Harry Potter).

Mission To Catholics International
"Sola Gratia - Sola Fide - Solo Christo - Sola Scriptura"

OBF NET - Ohio Bible Fellowship
Publisher of "The Visitor" Editor - John E. Askbrook.

OurLordJesus.Com Web Page
Uncompromisingly and Unapologetically Contending for the Faith once given to the Saints.

Peoples Gospel Hour
Radio Pastor Perry Rockwood.

Proclamation, Invitation, & Warning
Contrasting New Testament Fellowship with institutional "churchianity" structures. Warning of false gospels, false messiahs, and counterfeit religious systems.

PsychoHersey Awareness Ministries
Bi-monthly newsletter opposing the integration of secular psychological counseling theories and therapies with the Bible.

Providing Christ-honoring conservative Christian music and books about the present trends in Contemporary Christian Music and its ecumenical drift towards apostasy.

Sound Doctrine
A Source of Truth in these Dark Days.

Sword of the Lord - An Independent Christian Publication
Opposing Modernism, Worldliness, and Formalism.

SyeeC Homepage - in Singapore
Assembly Literature & Links.

The Bible Answers Page an elder at the Gospel Hall, in Lower Argyle, Nova Scotia.

The Expositor
For Preachers who love to preach God’s Word.

The Hall of Church History
Theology from A Bunch of Dead Guys.

The "Lamp" Ministry Home Page
Only Cowards Are Silent When God's Truth is Attacked.

The Spurgeon Archive
The largest collection of Spurgeon resources on the Web.

The Street Preachers Homepage
Dedicated to open-air preaching.

Utah Lighthouse Ministry
Comparing LDS doctrines with Christianity.

Waypoint Pages
Sponsored by Waterford Christian Fellowship, Brisbane, Australia.

What in the World!
A news service prepared by Bob Jones University for the local church.

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Brethren Assembly Churches

This site devoted to the study of the
New Testament Church

Elk Creek Gospel Center
Brethren Assembly of Believers in Kentucky.  Home church of Jim Sparks, author of the on-line booklet, "Why Modern Churches Are Carnal".

South Lexington Bible Fellowship
An assembly in Lexington, Kentucky meeting by New Testament principles for the church.

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Missionary Web Sites

Joe and Lisa Kotvas
Christ's Ambassadors working with the Deaf in Peru

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Churches From Abroad & Canada
Contending For The Faith judged by the web page content.

Maranatha Bible - Presbyterian Church
Standing against the Ecumenical, New Age, modern Psycho-Heresy Movements.

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Non-Denominational Christian Churches & Bible Colleges
Churches that believe and preach ACCORDING TO THE SCRIPTURES, judging by their web page content.

Countryside Bible Church - in Southlake, Texas
An independent Bible church holding to salvation by faith through Jesus Christ alone.

Far Eastern Bible College - in Singapore
Believing in the biblical doctrine and practice of personal and ecclesiastical separation from all forms of unbelief and apostasy, viz Romanism, Ecumenism, Modernism, Charismatism, and Neo-evangelicalism.

Fundamental Bible Church Homepage
Fundamental Evangelistic Association.

Indian Hills Community Church - in Lincoln, Nebraska
Systematically Teaching the Word.

Peninsula Bible Church - in Palo Alto, CA
Committed to teaching the life-changing, profound truth of Scripture.

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