This page consists of some of the Wednesday evening Bible Studies held at Community Bible Chapel here in Hico. (now down to two people Mom/wife & me) Some will be posted as through studies, while others will be study outlines and exegesis (definition) in terminology (language). Please come back often, as studies will be posted regularly. (Or as time permits)

[Misc. Studies] [A few studies on some of the individual apostles] [Ephesians] [1 Timothy] [2 Timothy] [The Epistle of James] [1 Peter] [2 Peter] [The Epistles of John One, Two & Three] [Revelation]


Misc. Studies
God and Mammon
Sons of God-Daughters of Man
1 Corinthians Chapter 7
A Discourse on Matt. 7:1-12

Old Genesis Creation parallel with New Revelation Creation
God creates a new heaven and a new earth. Read about the parallelism.
Acts Chapter 10
The case of Cornelius
Galatians Chapter 2
Paul rebukes Peter-warns of false brethren-Jews teaching circumcision for salvation.
Some Studies on Genesis
Misc. interesting facts.
Sinful Anger and Righteous Anger
Be ye angry and sin not
Worn Out Cliché’s
That’s between me and God. Leave it up to God, ect.
What Does God Require Of Us?
Trust & Obedience
Obedience Rather Than Praise
Praise & worship without obedience is hypocrisy.   
Preachers Called By Man
The fruit of this is now seen in the churches
Sinning in Ignorance

A few studies on some of the individual apostles
A Study of the Apostle Peter
More on the Apostle Peter
A Study of the Apostle Paul
James and John

Books of the Bible Studies
The Epistle of James is recommended for Christians to learn how to live before men.  This letter is excellent for teaching the "babes" in Christ as well as the "mature" in "daily" Christian living.

Ephesians Chapter One
Ephesians Chapter Two
Ephesians Chapter Three

I Timothy
1 Timothy Chapter One
1 Timothy Chapter Two
1 Timothy Chapter Three
1 Timothy Chapter Four
1 Timothy Chapter Five   
1 Timothy Chapter Six

2 Timothy 
2 Timothy Chapter One
2 Timothy Chapter Two    
2 Timothy Chapter Three
2 Timothy Chapter Four   

The Epistle of James
James Chapter One

James speaks on Christian living
James Chapter Two
More on Christian Living
James Chapter Three
Bridling the tongue
James Chapter Four
Bickering & presumptions
James Chapter Five
Speaking to sinners and saints

1 Peter
1 Peter Chapter One
1 Peter Chapter Two
1 Peter Chapter Three
1 Peter Chapter Four
1 Peter Chapter Five

2 Peter
2 Peter Chapter One
2 Peter Chapter Two
Bought With a Price - Sequel to 2 Peter Chapter Two
2 Peter Chapter Three

The Epistles of John One, Two & Three
I John

I John Chapter One
I John Chapter Two
I John Chapter Three
I John Chapter Four

I John Chapter Five

II John
II John Chapter One

III John
III John Chapter One

The Book of Revelation 
Revelation - Part One      
Revelation - Part Two      
Revelation - Part Three     
Revelation - Part Four 
Revelation - Part Five        
Revelation - Part Six     
Revelation - Part Seven
A Study on Mystery Babylon of Revelation
A Study on Mystery Babylon Part Two
A Study on Mystery Babylon-Conclusion