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2. Baptisology and Hylesology. Cultism in the Baptist churches

By Dr. A.V. Fisher [Dr. Fisher is the Pastor of the Salem Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas. This article is sent as it was copied from the "News-of-Interest E-mail Newsletter Vol. 2, Issue #36, September 14, 1998" sent out by Ed Devries]

Subtitled by Andy Neckar

My comments will be followed by [Editor…]

"Will a man rob God? Yet ye have robbed me. But ye say, Wherein have we robbed thee? In tithes and offerings. Ye are cursed with a curse: for ye have robbed me, even this whole nation. Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it." (Malachi 3:8-10)

"Upon the first day of the week; let every one of you lay by him in store as God hath prospered him, that there be no gatherings when I come." (I Corinthians 16:2)

We are living in a society which is characterized by wholesale crime. Crimes of every description are being committed every hour in the day and every minute in the hour. Our law enforcement agencies are overworked; our courts are over loaded and our prisons are over crowded because of our crime -ridden society.

There was a time when we thought of crime as a problem which existed primarily in the ghettoes and slums of our large cities. Most of us have made references to the inner-city jungle and the many dangers which exist therein. But in recent years, crime has infiltrated the suburbs so that our outlying areas and our affluent, exclusive neighborhoods offer no more safety than the back alleys in the downtown section of the city.

And then in recent weeks, our nation has seen a rash of bank robberies. In New York City as well as other metropolitan areas, banks are being robbed with increasing frequency. People who are either too lazy, too proud or too "lowdown" to work, want to enjoy the same comforts and luxuries afforded by those who earn their living by engaging in some form of profitable labor. Therefore, to satisfy their greed they commit armed robberies, burglaries and crimes of every description.

Now, most of us who like to think of ourselves as law-abiding citizens and especially those who look upon ourselves as members of the Christian community, abhor and utterly detest this devastating crime-wave which is puncturing the very fabric and fiber of our society.

We look upon bank robbers, burglars, thieves, safe-crackers, pick-pockets and purse-snatchers as being untouchables; the scum of the human race and we consider them to be unfit to live in a civilized society and to dwell among decent people. We think of their conduct as being base, low, despicable and inexcusable. Yet, my friends, many of those same people who would never think of shop-lifting, burglarizing a house or holding up a supermarket, pull a robbery at the church every Sunday morning.

Give me your undivided attention and think about something very seriously. What would be your reaction, if when you left this building and walked down the front steps, a policeman would be waiting and he would inform you that you were under arrest? How would you respond if when you asked him with what crime you were charged, he would tell you that you were charged with robbing God? How would you feel if he, then, read you your rights; hand-cuffed you, and put you in the police car, took you down to the city hall and booked you? How would you react to something like that?

[Editor…I know my reaction to this pastor equating a Christian to the despicable descriptions given in paragraphs 5 and 7 is one of disgust. Especially since the victim, yes, VICTIM is falsely accused. READ ON.]

Now all of this might seem strange, far-fetched and out of the ordinary, but it would happen to the great majority of church-goers if God enforced his laws in the same manner which the government enforces its laws. Whether you realize it or not, more crimes are committed on Sunday than on any other day of the week. On that very day when many people put on their best garments and go to God's house supposedly to worship Him, they usually participate in a Sunday morning hold up.

[Editor…God did at one time enforce His Laws in the above mentioned manner. But thank God I am under grace through faith, and no longer under the Law. By the works of the Law shall no man be justified. READ GALATIANS CHAPTER 2 AND 3]

I'm sure you're asking, "How can this be? How can we rob God?" If that is what you're asking; your question is precisely the same as that of the Israelites during the days of the prophet Malachi. God, speaking through his Prophet, asked this question of the children of Israel. "Will a man rob God?" And the very thought of such a crime was unthinkable, that He answered His own question and said, "Surely not."

But then as God looked at the evidence as He allowed one of His eyes to look at the payroll book down at the plant where most of the parishioners were employed and as He allowed His other eye to look at the amount which had been put in the collection plate; as He allowed His x-ray eyes to look on the inside of the envelopes which the ushers had collected and as He allowed these same x-ray eyes to penetrate their leather billfolds, beautiful handbags and costly shoulder bags, and as He made a comparison of what they had given with what they had left, He said, "I've been robbed".

[Editor…Hilarious. If God compares the amount of money on-hand-in the pocketbook- of the individual, then His superman eyes would sometimes show that the person "gave all he had". How many times have you emptied your wallet or purse at church while having "much more" in the bank?

You know, the God I worship reads my heart, not my pocketbook. My God is not that easily fooled.]

Well, the people wanted to know, "Who robbed You?... Where and when did the robbery take place? What method was used to get your money, Lord?... What weapons were used in the stick up?... How many persons participated in the hold up?.. Who drove the getaway vehicle?

I hear God answering, and He says, in essence, "You robbed me... you who are seated in the congregation ... you who call yourselves by My name ... You who have been sending up petitions to the throne of grace and you who have been listening to the preaching of the gospel. Yes, you are the robbers."

Now, as far as the time and place are concerned, I want to tell you that the robbery took place at My house; this sacred spot where you are seated right now; and the time was just a few minutes ago when the collection plates were passed.

[Editor…not getting picky here now, but what sacred (hallowed, consecrated, divine, holy) spot? Christians gathering for fellowship in a "sacred building"?]

You didn't use any weapons, no guns or knives were flashed and no threats were made. It was a well-planned robbery ... it was done so skillfully and with such precision that no one ever suspected that a robbery was taking place. As a matter of fact, at the very time some of you were robbing Me, you were singing "You can't beat God giving." And then to top it all off, when you finished robbing Me, you had someone to stand up and ask My blessings upon the robbery; you further asked Me to bless those who robbed Me and also to bless those who were not able to rob me."

"Now this is the way you pulled it off; you held back a large portion of that which you owed Me... you robbed Me in tithes and offerings. Many of you are just tipping Me instead of paying your bill. I only ask you to pay Me ten percent of your income and most of you don't want to do that. Some of you pay Me five percent, two percent, one percent and some no percent. Only a few of you have paid your bills."

[Editor…I cannot, no, not in a million years and with all the money in the world, pay and tip MY GOD for His services. Can you yours? What God, then, is this man talking about?]

"I send all of you 168 hours of air to breathe every week ... I send you 84 hours of sunshine and an ample supply of rain .. I've been waking you up every morning since you have been alive ... and not only have I been waking you up, I've been starting you out on your way and I've been giving you enough energy, health and strength to make it through the day

I've put shelter over your head ... I've put food on your table ... I've put clothes on your back ... I've put shoes on your feet... I've given you eyes to see, ears to hear a nose to smell, a heart to love, a tongue to talk and feet to walk. I tuck you in every night and rock you to sleep and while you are slumbering, I send angelic bodyguards to stand by your bedside. And I've heard some of you singing 'all night, all day, the angels watching over me, my Lord.' But still you don't want to pay Me. On the first day of the week, instead of paying your tithes and giving your offering, you pull your weekly robbery."

[Editor…Can we REPAY the Lord for His creation? Can we repay Him for creating our souls and our bodies, and for the world that physically sustains us? The Old Testament tithe was NOT instituted for this purpose. We can PRAISE Him for these things, ( Ps. 148) but we cannot REPAY Him.]

"And you are so slick with your robbery, that there is no need for a get-away vehicle. Before you leave the building, you stand and shake hands with your fellow robbers; you ask me to bless the tie that binds your hearts in Christian love; you ask Me to be with you until you meet for the next robbery and you march out singing 'Hallelujah and Thank you Jesus.' And when you get outside, there is no need to be in a hurry, because no one has the slightest idea that a robbery has just taken place. So, will a man rob God? Yes, it is being done every Sunday morning at My house by those who call themselves My people."

This was God's indictment against Israel and it is His indictment against us today. By and large, we are still pulling weekly robberies.

[Editor…Jesus Christ came to free Israel from this indictment and from the Law, but Israel refused. NOW-the church hierarchy tries to place the Christian back into bondage to the Law, by which there is no salvation.

Rom 3:20 Therefore by the deeds of the law there shall no flesh be justified in his sight: for by the law is the knowledge of sin.

But glory be: Rom 8:2 For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death.]

Let's look at some of the common excuses which are given by people who do not tithe:

[Editor…the answers are really opinions]

(Excuse) - Tithing is taught only in the Old Testament.

(Answer) - This is absolutely wrong. The word "tithe" appears 22 times in the Old Testament. In Matthew 23:23, Jesus endorses the practice of tithing by referring to the hypocrisy of the Pharasees, he says in essence, "Yes, you should tithe, but you shouldn't leave the more important things undone." In 1st Cor. Paul says "On every Lord's Day each of you should put aside something from what you have earned during the week and use it for the offering. The amount depends on how much the Lord has helped you to earn. While the tithe is not specified there, it is inferred. Proportionate giving has as its foundation the percentage of ten percent.

(Excuse) - "I don't make enough money to tithe."

(Answer) - God's plan is fair to everyone. These who have a small income are only required to pay a small amount. The practice of tithing is not achieved by the size of a person's income; it is achieved by the size of a person's heart.

[Editor…the practice of "tithing" is achieved by the "size" of "false teachings" such as this article. The size of a person's income determines the amount.]

Those persons who won't pay God one dollar out of ten won't pay Him ten dollars out of a hundred.

(Excuse) - "I make too much money to tithe."

(Answer) - If God has blessed you to make such a large sum, how can you afford not to pay Him His share. After all, it is God who gives you the energy, strength and the know-how to earn an income. Isn't it only right that you should pay Him so that His work can be refinanced. The late John D. Rockefeller was a tither and I'm sure that none of us can boast of a fortune larger than his. In referring to his stewardship, Rockefeller once said, "I never would have been able to tithe the first million dollars I ever made if I had not tithed my first salary which was $1.50 a week."

[Editor…I'm getting picky now, you may say, but by what authority is this Rockefeller to be our role model?]

Now, let's look at some of the consequences of robbing God. First, when a person takes what God has reserved for Himself and uses it for his personal wants and needs, he forfeits his claim to that amount which God has allotted for him. The tithe is a contract or a gentlemen's agreement between God and His children. Whereby God promises His blessings to those who pay Him ten percent. When we violate our end of the bargain, we have no right to expect God to honor His end of the contract.

[Editor…God will not bless His Children unless they uphold the Old Testament Law? How absurd! By the way--how is a "gentlemen's agreement" purported to be God's Law.

God does not equate Himself to man as "one gentleman to another". He equates Himself to man as "merciful God" and "degenerate lost sinner." A lost sinner that is to believe God, or to hell with him.]

The expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden is a prime example of what happens when people take what belongs to God.

[Editor…God did not say the fruit of the forbidden tree was His. That was a test of their obedience. ALL belongs to God. The earth (Exo 19:5) the gold & silver (money-all of it) (Hag 2:8) the earth's resources) (Ps. 50:10-12) We take these things that belong to God unless forbidden to do so.]

Secondly, those who rob God, lose their right to have any vocal input into God's program. People whose stewardship is delinquent do not have the right to manage and disburse the payments of those whose stewardship is up to par. Ironically, most of the hell in the church is raised by people who rob God every week. This is a blatant act of disrespect for God and His laws. When a person's account is delinquent, he should be found bowing at the altar begging for mercy rather than raising a fuss and keeping up confusion.

Finally, a person who robs God, ultimately robs himself. God promised to open the windows of Heaven and pour out an abundant blessing upon those who followed His plan. It goes without saying it, that this blessing is denied those who refuse His plan. Therefore, when we fail to tithe, we shut the windows of Heaven and prevent God from giving us what He already has in store.

It should be noted that, in reality, it is not a question of whether or not we will tithe. But to whom we will pay our tithe. God has a way of taking His ten percent out of our income. When we refuse to pay it to Him, he sometimes fixes it so that we have to pay it to someone else, a penalty is usually attached. Some people pay their tithe to the doctor; others pay it to the lawyers; some pay it to the drug store; others pay it to the mechanic. There are no two ways about it; God will not let us keep His money. Those who rob Him will always get caught. God's x-ray eyes are like hidden cameras and they are making pictures of every robbery we commit.

But, I'm glad that He promised an abundant blessing for those who will obey His plan. God says, "Try me ... prove me ... Put your trust in me... Put me to the test ... pay your bills to Me and see won't I bless you... let me show you how you can do more with 90 cents with My blessings than you can do with $1.00 without My blessing."

[Editor... See my articles "The Truth about Tithing"--Part one, and "The Truth about Tithing"--Part two--"Giving in Grace" in the July & August 1998 Newsletter.

One last comment folks. It is unfounded preaching such as this sermon, by this pastor, that brings reproach to all other "sound preaching" pastors. Pastors that hold to "sound words"(2 Timothy 1:13) should join me in "marking"(Rom 16:17) these unlearned-school boy-fabricators who hold to expounding "sound doctrine" as figments of far-out foolish fairy tales.

Does God call fools to frustrate His people, or elders with the gift of overseer to lead His people? What used to be sound churches are filled with leaders (pastors) who belong to one cult or another. We have the King James Bible Onlyism fanatics. (one is "not saved" unless one was saved by the words in a KJV only) We have the Old Testament Law-ism-ites who want to put believers back under portions of the law. They forget, or just don't care, that the Scriptures say that one who tries to keep a part of the law, such as the command to tithe, are back under the law.

Gal 5:3 For I testify again to every man that is circumcised, that he is a debtor to do the whole law.

Circumcision is a portion of the law as is tithing, and what man that is a debtor to do the whole law can fulfill the law? It doesn't take a "smart" man to figure that one out. I can do that, and I believe so can you. NO ONE BUT CHRIST, THE SON OF GOD, CAN FULFILL THE LAW. And glory hallelujah, HE DID. AND HE ACCOUNTS IT AS RIGHTEOUSNESS TO THOSE WHO BELIEVE AND TRUST IN HIM BY FAITH.

I did, and I am forever saved from the penalty of my sins. I am forever grateful and I will not allow a foolish man to try and put me back under the law of sin and death that CHRIST MY SAVIOR has made me free. (Rom 8:2) I will not allow a foolish man to do you that way either without sounding a warning. (Eze.3:17; 33:3) Hey! This watchdog is BARKING LOUD. (Isaiah 56:10 ]

Baptisology and Hylesology. Cultism in the Baptist churches.
By Andy Neckar

[Excerpts from, "Baptists Should Rethink Awana", by Ed Devries "News-of-Interest" Vol. 2, Issue #36, September 14, 1998]

Awana is Universalist
Point 10 of the AWANA doctrinal statement says, "We believe that the baptism of the Holy Spirit takes place at the time of conversion and is the act of placing the believer into the body of Christ."

All true Baptists believe that the only kind of church that exists in the world today is a local church. Further, we believe that the "body of Christ" is the local church and not some universal invisible body.

Many churches that claim to be "Baptist," "local church," etc. are in AWANA in spite of the fact that AWANA curriculum is undermining the ecclesiological doctrine taught by the pastor.

[CNV Editor] I believe point 10 as stated. At the time of my conversion I received the indwelling of the Holy Spirit of God. I WAS NOT a member of a local church when I was placed in the body of Christ. Is this Baptist Evangelist Devries implying that I was saved but was not a member of the Body of Christ? For me, salvation and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit (of God) came BEFORE local church membership.

Yeah, folks. I wasn't like a lot of folks who are loyal "church members" but who are still lost in their sins. Listen-I didn't have to be "voted" into local church membership by a group in fallible men before God's Holy Spirit could indwell me and add me to the CHURCH. The "salvation" of, and the "indwelling" of the Holy Spirit and the "placing" of the believer in the CHURCH happens "at once", at the "same time". The Holy Spirit of God is not so gradual that He needs a specific timetable to do these things. I mean, He's the Holy Spirit of GOD. He can chew gum and walk. (at the "same time")

I must ask the "local church" as the "Body of Christ" teachers this question. Which comes first, SALVATION or the INDWELLING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT? I say you cannot have one without the other. Salvation and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit come simultaneously and instantaneously and whatever "eously" I can think of.

Are we to submit to ecclesiological (clerical) doctrine or the doctrine of Christ? Do we serve God or man? Are these particular Baptist churches likened to the Roman Catholic Church, in that when Scripture and tradition (teachings of the Church) conflict, they choose "church tradition?"

How much unscriptural authority is to be imputed to these unscriptural "one man rulers" is what I would like to know? When is enough, enough? When will it all end?

Already many Independent Baptist pastors have their "Protestant Pope". One of these "religious gurus'" I speak of is Jack Hyles, pastor of First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana. Many pastors' wear "I am a Jack Hyles Man" button to pastors' conferences.

Examples of Jack Hyles' lies, immorality, doctrinal heresies, mind control, pope ways, church stealing, cult leader tactics, etc. are legion. Doctrine such as Hylesology, and Baptisology are becoming more irrational as the end-time approaches. There is the Baptist cult of King James Onlyism, (the KJV can correct the "Received Text" from which it was translated. One cannot be saved unless one is saved by the "words" of a KJV etc.) and "Landmarkism." (The claim of chain-link Baptist Church succession from the time of Christ.) Folks, this is as heretical as the Roman Catholic claim of apostolic succession from the Apostle Peter.

New Testament believers are being taught that they are under subjection to the Old Testament law of tithing, and that "all" tithes are to go to the "storehouse", (church where one places their membership) when in fact there is no longer a storehouse, and believers are not under the law. Believers are taught "tithing" out of fear rather than "giving" in grace.

[Side note] Believers do not "place" their membership in a church. They are "added" to the CHURCH by the Holy Spirit of God. I say, "Holy Spirit of God" because there are "many spirits" working in the world now-a-days.

Believers are taught that they are not added to the CHURCH until they are added to the local church membership roll. Will Christ open the "Book of Life" or the "church rolls" to see whose names are written there?

Praise God for the local churches who have the Spirit of Light to see that what I say is true. The end-times, they are a-coming soon. Even so, come, LORD JESUS.


Salvation Through Sincerity?
On Wednesday, Sept. 9th 1998 at the general audience in St. Peter's Square, the Pope spoke on the theme of "The Spirit of God and the 'Seeds of Truth' in non-Christian Religions."

"The 'seeds of truth'," said John Paul II, are "'the effect of the Spirit of truth operating outside the visible confines of the Mystical Body'," Pope Paul explained that "in all authentic religious experiences, the most characteristic manifestation is prayer. ... Every true prayer is inspired by the Holy Spirit, Who is mysteriously present in the heart of every person."

"Through the practice of what is good in their own religious traditions, and following the dictates of their consciences, members of other religions positively respond to God's invitation and receive salvation in Jesus Christ, even though they may not recognize Him as their Savior."

"The attitude of the Church and of individual Christians with regard to other religions is characterized by sincere respect, deep kindness, and also, where it is possible and appropriate, cordial collaboration" (Vatican Information Service 9/9/98)

[Editor] This statement teaches that "all" will come to salvation, "through sincerity". God's Word (the Bible) tells us that those who "hear" and "believe" the "gospel of Christ" (Rom 1:16) receive the Holy Spirit of God. The Holy Spirit is present in the heart of "every person"? That sure is a mystery to me. I wonder from what god this revelation came to "Holy Mother Church".

Notice that "what is good in their own religious traditions" is the power of their god unto salvation. Jesus Christ is not being "taken out" of religious teachings, He is being made into a "non-essential". The world will come to believe in, and accept a non-essential Jesus Christ, just as I have come to believe in George Washington. (American Patriot and first U.S. President)

You know what my God tells me about "cordial collaboration" with the enemies of Christ?

2 Cor 6:15 And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel?

Hey! I believe that. Don't you?

Send Your Son soon Lord God, and put a stop to this mess. AMEN?

An Anglican priest is leaving his denomination because it ordains women as priests -- including his wife. Fred Bonham, 61, opposes the policy of ordaining women priests and is becoming a Catholic, Catholic World News said. His wife, Valerie, serves in his parish as a deacon, but plans to be ordained as a priest in December. The situation is endangering the marriage, but Bonham remains supportive of his wife, he said. "You must be tolerant of the other person's convictions. She is doing what she wants to do and I must allow her that freedom." (Religion Today-9/2/98)

[Editor] This whole story is preposterous. This man is separating because of one false system into a den of false systems. Don't get me wrong. I don't mean this to imply that there is only ONE false system in this denomination, but it is the one reason given.

One more thing. The man is the head of the woman, and he must NOT allow her the freedom he speaks of. (1 Cor 11:3; Eph 5:23-24)

Response to Gospel or Seeking Healing?
North Wales is experiencing a spiritual revival. Beaumaris, a coastal town, has about 601 homes, and 130 people became Christians during four services at a local church, Joel News said. About two-thirds of those who came to the services are local people who rarely attend church. People also reported that they have been healed of physical infirmities such as blindness during the services. "Such a response to the gospel has not been seen in this area since the days of the Welsh revivals," Northwest Revival News said. (Religion Today-9/2/98)

[Editor] FANTASTIC-UNHEARD OF-but then again I have never heard of REAL mass healing of physical infirmities such as blindness during the church services either. Pardon me, but I don't think the Welsh revivals conducted these mass healing church services. No signs and wonders-no conversions.

Hey-whose spirit is this doing the healing? I mean, a SELECT FEW here and there, and ONLY in public. Sure Christ healed in public, but didn't he heal EVERYBODY that came?

Matt 9:35 And Jesus went about all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues, and preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing EVERY (emphasis mine) sickness and every disease among the people.

Biblical Loopholes?
An attorney was on his deathbed in the hospital. When a friend came to visit, he found the lawyer frantically leafing through the Bible. "What are you doing?" the visitor asked.

The sick lawyer replied, "Looking for loopholes."
(Readers Digest 10/98)

[Editor] The "secular world" doesn't "look" for loopholes in the Bible, but the "religious church" tries to "create" some.

One more thing. It's getting pretty bad when an editor has to comment on the humorous articles even. Oh well!

Redefining spirituality
Before performing a baptism, the priest approached the young father and said solemnly, "Baptism is a serious step. Are you prepared for it?"

"I think so", the man replied. "My wife has made appetizers and we have a caterer coming to provide plenty of cookies and cakes for all of our guests."

"I didn't mean that," the priest responded. "I mean, are you prepared spiritually?"

"Oh, sure," came the reply. "I've got a keg of beer and a case of whiskey."
(Readers Digest 10/98)

[Editor] Sounds like me and my friends back when I was a RC


You will notice I use many Scripture references in my writings. We see Scripture references in the writings of man and we say, "that is good". But we must be careful that the Scripture references are not taken out of context to endorse our personal views. We must not use Scripture passages to deflect truth when it hits too close to home.

The wise writer will not seek to use the "Word as a tool" to support his prejudices. He will seek to become a "tool of the Word" in obedience, and preach it.

I pray I fit into this last category. I pray that the Lord bridle me from preaching viewpoints and suffer reproach and therefore lose what credibility I have.

I want to preach all of the Truth to all of the people all of the time. This will encompass "sound words" (Timothy 1:13) regarding the "whole counsel of God". (Acts 20:27)

Many will view my writings as harsh words, and that may be so in some cases. But the "harsh words" will be "sound words." I speak "harsh words" to the Pharisees--the "religious leaders" of today. They are those who preach "another gospel." However-I speak "kind words" to those who are deceived by the false gospel of these religious leaders

2 Tim 4:2 Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine.

Titus 1:13 This witness is true. Wherefore rebuke them sharply, that they may be sound in the faith;

Titus 2:15 These things speak, and exhort, and rebuke with all authority. Let no man despise thee. What can I say?

See you next month if Jesus tarries.

We Must Earnestly Contend For The Faith-Jude 1:3


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