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Baptist Brideism, or The Elite Elect.
by Andy Neckar

This controvert exposé of an article titled "Who Is The Bride Of Christ?" written by James F. Dew in the January 1998 issue of "The Baptist Challenge" is reflective of the cultist, opinionated teaching of many Baptist churches, both Independent and Southern.

The reason I know the teaching that "only the true Baptist churches compose a part of the Bride of Christ" is false, is the fact that the scripture referenced to support this false teaching is nowhere close to the rendition as determined by the James Dew, Baptist Challenge article.

Dew states that "Baptists believe that there is 'one body' (Eph 4:4 and 1:22-23) composed of the regenerate members of true Baptist churches. (1 Cor 12:12) Only people, born again, who have been 'bound' (Matt 16:19) on earth into a local, visible, true BAPTIST church, and not 'loosed on earth' (Matt 18:18) from that local, visible, true BAPTIST church, will be a member of that one body in glory". (italics his)

Matt 16:19 And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. (KJV)

Folks, the Roman Catholic Church uses this verse in their claim that the priest has power to forgive (loose) or not to forgive (bind) sin.

However, if the truth be known this verse is speaking of church discipline. God's people, when gathered together in agreement are given power to bind a disobedient believer over to Satan for the destruction of the flesh. The CHURCH has power to loose the former disobedient believer, if sincerely repentant, and restore him back into the fellowship. The CHURCH has power to bind (refuse) to unbelievers the promises of CHURCH (body of Christ) membership. The righteous judgment of a group of believers is honored in heaven.

Those who try and use the Word of God to "prove" their false, cultic, bigoted views, are not worthy to be called a minister of God. Folks, we are to separate from false teachers even if they are of our own house, and even if the matter does not relate to salvation.

Dew writes: "All thinking people recognize that in contradictory propositions only one can be right. When the Bible says 'one faith' (Eph. 4:5) then only the local churches believing and practicing that one faith are true churches. With churches, as with propositions, in contradictory faiths, only one can be true. Methodist, Dutch Reformed, and many historians, not Baptists, including Alexander Campbell, have said that "The Baptists can trace their origin to the apostolic times and produce unequivocal testimony of .their existence in every century down to the resent time" (Campbell-Walker Debate. pg, 262), and similar statements. That rules out all except Baptists".

Folks, that rules out all of Dew's credibility if he ever had any. If he will give a "worldly church" as the Methodists credibility to help prove his point, can he be trusted in "anything" he contends for? Sound harsh?

Titus 1:13 This witness is true. Wherefore rebuke them sharply, that they may be sound in the faith; (KJV)

Titus 1:14 Not giving heed to Jewish (or cultist Baptist) fables, and commandments (creeds) of men, that turn from the truth. (KJV)

The TRUE FAITH once delivered to the saints (Jude 1:3) can be traced back to Christ but NOT AN EXISTING CHURCH WITH A NAME. Folks, true believers in true churches were always present in the world, and the world gave them different names, just as the world gave the name Ana-Baptist to the present day Baptists. Listen to this, folks. Christ "established" His Church, He didn't give it a "name".

I short order I can find some 14 different churches spoken of in the New Testament excluding the book of Rev.

Acts 7:38 church in the wilderness
Acts 8:1 church which was at Jerusalem
Acts 13:1 church that was at Antioch
Acts 18:22 The church at Caesarea,
Rom 16:1 The church at Cenchrea:
1 Cor 1:2 The church at Corinth
Gal 1:2 The churches at Galatia:
Eph 1:1 The church at Ephesus
Phile 1:2 The church at Philippi
Col 1:2 The Church at Colosse
1Thes 1:1 The church of the Thessalonians
Col 4:16 The church of the Laodiceans
Titus 1:5 The church at Crete
1 Pet 5:13 The church at Babylon

Churches are also spoken of in Lydda, Acts 9:32, in Syria and Cilicia, Acts 15:41 in Derbe and Lystra, Acts 16:1, in Iconium, Acts 16:2, in Macedonia, 2 Cor 8:1, in Judaea, Gal 1:22. I am sure there is more, but the reason for this roster is to show that NOT A ONE OF THEM ARE CALLED BAPTIST CHURCHES..

As I said in one of my past newsletters, I would be a member of a Hico Community Church, or Hico Bible Church if it was a "sound" church. If the Holy Spirit of God can call a church that Christ established "the church at Babylon" etc., why can't I call a true church "the church at Hico" if I please? Why is it not a true church unless it is Baptist? All Baptists do not "believe alike", some that call themselves Baptists do not "believe at all". I ask you, what is so special about the name Baptist?

Folks, we are to contend for the FAITH, not the name BAPTIST.

James Dew, in the Baptist Challenge goes on to say, "If Jesus told the truth, and He did, that church was not only built (not "won") during His personal ministry on earth (Jn. 17:4), but has had an unbroken line of existence through all ages since, and is in the world today. Only Baptists and Catholics claim an existence back to Christ. Surely, all must recognize that when John the Baptist baptized Jesus, in the Jordan (Mt. 3), outwardly he made Him a Baptist, as He already was inwardly. Therefore, being a Baptist outwardly and inwardly, the church Christ started must necessarily have been a Baptist church"

Where is the scripture to back up this "inwardly, outwardly" claim? There is none, because none exists. Therefore, Dew being a false teacher inwardly "in this regard", is made manifest outwardly by articles such as this. And this editor, being a person of discernment, I contend that this type of teaching must be exposed for the intentional deceitfulness (lie) that it is.

Folks, if you believe the position of "Baptist Brideism" you will believe that this present apostasy is a Holy Spirit Revival that will usher in the Kingdom for Christ.

Yeah, folks, if "only" the Baptists and Catholics claim an existence back to Christ, then who are the NEW Christians, as babes in Christ, to believe? The Roman church has as much FALSE Scriptural interpretation for their claim as do the various Baptist churches that make the Baptist Brideism claim. Does the Baptist "claim" of an existence back to Christ carry weight? If so, how about the Roman Catholic "claim" of an existence back to Peter?

Dew ends his article with this statement. "The wedding of Christ and the Regenerate, who have been bound on earth in some true missionary Baptist church has not yet taken place - will not until after Christ returns (I Thess. 4:13ff) and after the Tribulation (Rev. 4:1;19:6-8). Brother I'm going to that wedding. If you go and are a part of the Bride, you must get a Baptist church now, to bind you in, otherwise you will just be on the outside looking in".

Yeah, folks, the CULT of the ELITE ELECT has spoken. It is spoken, and preached by the editor of the "Baptist Challenge". As the editor, what he allows in his newsletter, he preaches.

I wonder if true believers outside of Baptist churches will be on the outside looking in, or "up there" looking "down" on many who make this claim.

I expose this teaching because of my "love" for the "sound" Baptist churches in this world. In attempting to exalt and promote the Baptist faith, the Baptist Challenge brings reproach to the name Baptist by making false and egotistical claims. And I determine, UN-BIBLICAL claims, by intentionally falsifying the rendition of scripture verses. By adding to and taking away the meaning of God's Word which He intended for believers to discern, this "great man of God" I believe, places himself and his followers in grave danger.

Oh, what a shame that even a few of the supposedly "sound" Independent Baptist churches resort to Roman Catholic heresy to gain preeminence over believers.(3 John 1:9) This type of preacher (pastor) wants the believer in "bondage" to "them" and "their" church. THUS SAITH THE CULT OF THE ELITE ELECT. ALL FOR THE GREATER HONOR AND GLORY OF AUTHORITY OVER BELIEVERS

Salvation: How Must One Believe?
by Andy Neckar

God says man cannot enter into His presence carrying sin. It's as simple as that. God says "all" men carry sin. To come to God, man must get rid of the sin. Put it down. God says man cannot "put sin down". Man is incapable of this. He is a slave to sin.

Some men think "they" can somehow attain the power to put sin down and enter into the presence of God. They think maybe if they put "most of it" down and be real good, God will overlook the remainder. They think that a "loving" God will not-- yea, cannot condemn a person with "few sins" and "full" of "good works". Some think Roman Catholicism's Purgatory will remove the remainder of their sin.

BUT-God says only the blood of Christ will put away our sin. He ought to know. He's the Boss. He created us. Who are we to argue with our creator? It's "His" heaven man wants to go to. It 's "Him" man wants to be in the presence of. Who is the man that will dictate to God his own terms of "entering in"? I say that man is a lost sinner because he will not accept the One who can take the sin "from him".

Who Is Man? I asked that question. I described a "sinner". The psalmist David asked the question, What Is Man? (Psalms 8:4) Read what the Holy Spirit prompted David to say. David described how the Lord crowned man with glory and honor. David described the gratitude of a "saved" man toward his God.

Why is God mindful of man? He hasn't forgotten man after the fall.(after man picked up sin and couldn't put it down) God made some covenants with the man He created. One was to "show man his sin" and the other was to "save man from his sin" The Old Covenant was man's schoolmaster to teach him. The New Covenant was the Savior, so man could apply the knowledge the schoolmaster taught him.

The Old Covenant was to show man the hopelessness of his situation and direct him to the solution. The New Covenant provided and made manifest the solution.

You see, God enacted a penalty on sin. That penalty is eternal (everlasting) torment in the lake of fire. God had to do this. He is eternally righteous and just. God hates sin, He doesn't hate man. He hates the sin man is carrying. God knows, and always has known from the beginning that man cannot "eventually" pay the penalty for sin and "someday" enter into His presence. The punishment is "eternal". God wants man to come into His presence more that we do. That's why He created man in the first place. He created man to "fellowship" with Him.

A payment for sin had to be made according to "God's" terms. He provided for that payment before He ever created man. Pretty good, huh? A solution provided before the problem. Folks, that's looking ahead and taking care of things, wouldn't you say?

Since "all" men picked up sin and couldn't put it down, a man who had not picked up sin (sinless) had to be provided for outside of creation. It had to be a man "eternally existent", as all "created man" was sinful. But who was eternally existent but God? "Man" had sinned. A "man" had to pay the penalty. So-God became a "man" and "Himself" paid the penalty for created man's sin. God imposed the penalty for sin after His Own council and God can, and did impose a substitute payment after His own council, with "one stipulation". Man must believe in the substitute and what God's Word tells about Him. It is "only" on that condition that man can be saved.

God imposed a penalty--God provided a payment. Man accepted the penalty when he willfully sinned. Man must willing accept the payment or suffer the penalty. Most people believe God, in that man sinned. Most believe God, in that the penalty for sin is death. But--most "don't" believe God in that the payment He provided is the "only" payment acceptable to Him.

There is nothing confusing in God's plan of salvation. A simple gospel, simply preached is enough to save man. But man tries to confuse the gospel by teaching that since man sinned by doing wrong, man can contribute to his salvation by doing right. Man teaches that he can help in attaining his salvation by praying to other sinful creatures. He also believes that he can pray to God. But if man is carrying sin, and God hates sin, he will not be heard by God. Sin breaks man's fellowship with God.

Man want's to go to God's heaven. Man wants to fellowship with God. Man broke that fellowship by picking up sin.(sinning). If man wants that fellowship back he must get rid of sin.. He can't have both. One or the other has got to go..

Let me make it clear how man can "put sin down" as if he never picked it up in the first place. HE CAN"T. But there is One who can "take it away" as if he never had it in the first place.


Simple, right? All man has to do is believe, right? We believe in faith, right? It doesn't matter how we believe as long as we believe in faith, right? WRONG. We must believe ACCORDING TO THE SCRIPTURES. This will NOT be according to the scriptures "and" church tradition. It will NOT be according to the scriptures and "anything" else. Man must believe "only" ACCORDING TO THE SCRIPTURES or to hell with him.

What does believing according to the scripture mean? It means we must find God's Word and believe "all" of it, not "part" of it. Now I'm gonna tell you how to find God's Word. Get yourself a King James Version of the Bible and STUDY it. Don't read it. STUDY IT.

Why the King James Version? Because it is the BEST English translation of the BEST Greek and Hebrew Text available. It is translated from the Textus Receptus/Masoretic Text. If you need a version in another language, find one translated from the Textus Receptus/Masoretic text. All other Bible translation work using this text is an accurate translation of the Greek and Hebrew Scriptures, which were given, in the very words determined of the Holy Spirit.

If you follow God's simple plan of salvation ACCORDING TO THE SCRIPTURES, you can have sin taken away from you. When you believe ACCORDING TO THE SCRIPTURES, you become "born again,"(1 Peter 1:23) you are a new creature in Christ. (2 Cor 5:17) You are dead to sin. (Rom 6:2) You are no longer under the law. (Rom 6:14) You have the righteousness of God. (2 Cor 5:21) You are Holy. (Rom 11:16) You are forever saved. (Eph 1:13-14) You are heaven bound. (John 14:3; 1 Peter 1:4) You have eternal life.(John 3:15; 1 John 5:13) Need I say more? I could you know, and I believe I will.

ONE MORE TIME, if you believe according to ANYTHING except ACCORDING TO THE SCRIPTURES you are still lost in your sins. Think about it.


Easter Week Symbols
Evangelical churches are beginning to incorporate rituals in services to commemorate the suffering, death, and resurrection of Christ. Some evangelicals are celebrating Lent and Holy Week with observances once left to Catholic and Orthodox traditions, according to The Dallas Morning News.

Holy Week observances such as shrouding the cross from Good Friday until Easter Sunday and Maundy Thursday services are finding a place in the churches. "A lot of Baptists are saying, 'We need to...bring more of the senses into worship,' " said Gary Parker of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Others are using symbols to help them understand the importance of their beliefs. "If Christians don't use the symbols of their faith, people will look for symbols in the secular culture," said Brad Creed of Truett Seminary at Baylor University. (Religion Today 4/7/98)

[Editor] The REAL Christian symbol of REAL faith is the Christian manifesting the gifts of the Spirit. Those looking for symbols in the church or "wherever" they can find them are NOT Christian people.

Let me repeat that. THEY ARE NOT CHRISTIAN PEOPLE. I had all these symbols when I was a practicing Roman Catholic. I left this to become a Christian. I didn't search for this as a Christian. Folks-the "whole world" and "it's churches" are going home to Rome, a little at a time.

These people do not want to receive "Christ in their hearts, by faith". They want to receive Him "in their stomachs, literally". Very soon "professing" Christians will not want to repent before God whom they "cannot" see. They will want to obtain pardon from a human representative of God whom they "can" see. "Professing" Christians want a religion they can "see" and "experience". The Roman Church can offer them all of this. They have their God, the Pope. They have their confessor, the priest. The have their Jesus, the communion host. They have their liturgy (ritual) and images and pomp and sacrificial altars. They can "participate" in their salvation. The people want "hands on" religion. They want to be "involved" in their salvation. A free gift is just to humbling. They want to see the sights, smell the aroma, feel the touch, and sense the experience of their religion. Faith is just to boring.

The UMC has been observing the Roman Catholic "Holy Week" rituals for some time now. Even the Baptist's are beginning to fall by the wayside. Lord have mercy on us.

I am torn between two desires. I would love for my children to live a good and godly life on this earth with a loving spouse and loving children. But then again I am getting sick and tired of all this falling away, and I want Jesus to come soon. (Php 1:23)
Muscle Flexing to Bring People to Jesus

Bending steel bars, breaking concrete blocks and performing other spectacular demonstrates of strength is ONE substitute for the gospel of Christ.

This all started about 20 years ago when John Jacobs, a former student of Oral Roberts University went to lead Bible study at a prison. He couldn't draw a crowd so he decided to "strut his stuff" as a weightlifter. He could break a pair of steel handcuffs and inflate a hot-water bottle with his breath until it exploded.

The prisoners went wild over the stunts, and everyone who attended dedicated his life to Jesus, and "The Power Team" was founded.

That's pretty good, huh? 100% conversion rate? NO WAY. The people may want the "power" God can give, but they wouldn't want the "meek and humble" Jesus that I have. See, if people need "something else" besides the gospel of Christ to convert them, they are converted to that "something else" not Jesus Christ. They are converted by "awesome strength" in which there is no salvation. Only the "gospel of Christ" is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth… (Rom 1:16).

Think about that you skeptics. I know there are such on the subscriber list because I hear from them each time I "hit home" with my comments.

"This is for unchurched people," says Keith McBroom, minister of music at First Baptist Church of Pleasant Grove, Ala. where the Power Team led a five-day crusade earlier this month. "They're drawn to it. It's so different from what people expect of the church…

Yeah folks, the church is no longer the CHURCH.
PK Back In The Money
(Info. from The Ft. Worth Star Telegram 7/17/98)

Promise Keepers' 345 salaried employees were laid off March 31, but learned April 9 they had been recalled after an outpouring of financial contributions from supporters.

"There were over 70,000 letters that came in to Promise Keepers in March with donations totaling over $4 million," said Steve Ruppe, director of public affairs for the evangelical men's ministry. "We know that a couple of those were relatively large donations…. The majority were around $100 or so."

Ruppe said a few of the large donations exceeded $10,000 and came from churches or other institutions. Their aim is to attract more men -- Christian and non-Christian -- to events

Ruppe said the influx in donations was influenced in part by appeals for help from two prominent evangelical ministries -- Campus Crusade for Christ and Focus on the Family.

[Editor] All this money-going to ungodly ministries. How sad it is to hear of Christians giving money to further the cause of Satan's "One World Religion". I know not all that support Promise Keepers are Christian, as PK is a hodgepodge of "religion" not "Christianity".

The gospel of Christ is not preached at Promise Keepers rallies. PK does not claim to be a gospel outreach. It is what it claims, a movement to exhort men to be better men. (better church members, husbands, fathers, etc.) Their aim is to attract men-Christian and non-Christian-to events.
Roman Catholic Church Teaches Sexual Orientation Is Not Freely Chosen.
(Excerpts from The Ft. Worth Star Telegram 7/17/98)

The Rev. David Garri, an openly homosexual Catholic priest recently resigned his position of assistant professor of communication and theater at Notre Dame, a university that has come to symbolize the Roman Catholic Church in the United States.

One of the reasons for Garrick's resignation is his claim that his nameplate was removed from the confessional. "I felt that I had a strong moral reason for resigning in protest…" he said.

The Rev. John Jenkins, religious superior for the Holy Cross order at Notre Dame, insists Garrick was never discriminated against because of his sexual orientation, which Garrick announced in an April 1996 letter in the school newspaper.

As a private university, Notre Dame has no obligation to include homosexuals in its nondiscrimination policy or do anything that would conflict with church teaching. The Catholic church has stood firm to its teaching that homosexual activity is morally wrong even though sexual orientation is not freely chosen.

That is why the university should have embraced Garrick, rather than shut him out, said John Blandford, a doctoral student and former co-chair of the student group "Gays and Lesbians at Notre Dame and St. Mary's College".

"David, in a sense, should be the poster child for the university because he embodies church teaching, which is acknowledging orientation but living a chaste life," Blandford said. "That's basically the sum and substance of church teaching. What's interesting is the university couldn't even handle his orientation."

"The track record of the leadership is very poor. But the awakening consciousness of the students and faculty is wonderful. Inspiring," Garrick said. "I believe it will help Notre Dame, the Notre Dame that I know and love, to speak the truth about gay people.

[Editor] This is what I believe is gonna happen folks. The Roman Church will soon determine that, as she already teaches sexual orientation is not a free choice, then-if not a choice, it must be ordained of God. Now-if ordained of God it must NOT be sin. This is how the world will be conditioned to accept the anti-christ who will not regard the desire of women. (Dan 11:37)
TBN's Health & Wealth Theology.
Trinity Broadcasting Network, run by Paul and Jan Crouch, is the world's largest "Christian" television network. It features an unholy hodgepodge of televangelists and CCM/rock music. The Crouches preach a "success" theology in which they contend Christ and the Apostles were actually wealthy merchants. Viewers are told that if they give money, God will reward them with health and wealth. (2/28 H. Times). This "health and wealth," "name it and claim it," "blab it and grab it" prosperity gospel of some charismatics is a distortion of Scripture and a disgrace. Yet with its worldly glitz and glamour it lures some of the biggest stars in religious broadcasting. One, Benny Hinn, has even hired a veteran entertainment publicist whose other clients include Bill Cosby, Loretta Lynn and Amy Grant. Charismatics downplay the importance of doctrine. Crouch himself a few years ago said (see 8/1/91 CC): "I don't care about your doctrines as long as you name the name of Jesus…." (Calvary Contender 3/15/98)

"Anglican priest Nicky Gumbel began teaching the Alpha course in 1990. It was originally intended for new Christians, but now is aimed at the unchurched. Its philosophy is New Age, and it leads to experiences rooted in the occult. It promotes humanism, ecumenism, and Charismaticism (tongues-speaking, Toronto Blessing, etc.). Conversion is mentioned but it is conversion to a Christian lifestyle, not conversion to Christ. [The above is based on lengthy reports in the 2/9 CT, the Australian Beacon, and The Burning Bush.] This is spreading like wildfire among Catholics,

Baptists, and others, so Christians should be warned, be wise, beware!"(Plains Baptist Challenger, 4/98)
Computer Software Helps Sinners Repent

Polish Roman Catholics can now outline charts of their sins with a new computer program designed to help them confess their sins. It is based on the prayer book and affords 104 searching questions to help users catalog their fight against sin and recount the statistics, Gazeta Wyborcza daily newspaper reported under the headline: "I sincerely repent. Enter." Sins are listed under Biblical commandments and according to their importance, with a questionnaire asking whether they have been committed or not. Author Andrzej Urbanski had the idea when his son was preparing for first communion. He pressed on, even though the boy's response was "Daddy, you have some strange ideas." Sinners need not fear their darkest secrets getting out, as files with intimate data are protected by password. (Reuters)

[Editor] I remember when I was a Roman Catholic, and I used to enter the confessional to recite my sins to the priest. I had to list "all" the sins I committed since my last confession and how many times each one. The priest must use rational judgment, you know. I mean--how can the Roman Catholic priest know what proper penance to assign unless he knows how habitual a sinner you really are. They haven't claimed the power to read your heart –yet.

I came across a hilarious short story about Bill Gates and his company Microsoft buying the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church as an investment. It speaks of computer programs that enable the busy Catholic to download grace from heaven on the computer while one attends to business at hand.. I don't think of it as that funny anymore.

Lil' Bit of Humor
A man decided to become a monk, and joined an order where silence was the cardinal rule. He could say only two words once every decade. After 10 years the head monk called him in. "Well," he said, "you can say your two words now." The man replied "Food cold," and left the office. Another 10 years passed, and this time the man said, "Bed hard." After another 10 years, the man was once again summoned into the head monk's office. "I quit," he said. The head monk replied, "I'm not surprised. You've been complaining ever since you got here."
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Points to Ponder
America has the best health care in the world, yet we have a 100% mortality rate.

Not a sparrow falls without our Father's notice. They do fall, mind you, but they don't sit around fretting about what day they will fall.
(Sword of the Lord –4/17/98)



You know folks, I've always believed in TRUTH in advertising, TRUTH in preaching, TRUTH in documentation, and TRUTH in everything. Sometimes this love of the TRUTH, and resolve for the TRUTH is annoying to those that read my writings, and I feel sorry for those that feel this way. I feel sorry for them because they lack the LOVE OF THE TRUTH that I prize so very much.

God has revealed His TRUTH to me. It is His TRUTH that saved me from an eternity in the lake of fire and freed me from the bondage of sin. It is His TRUTH that placed me in this perfect law of liberty. (2 Cor 3:17; James 2:12) Indeed-His TRUTH has set me FREE. (John 8:32)

By His TRUTH I oppose the error of all whoever they are, brethren or heathen. Because of His TRUTH I oppose falsehood in matters of faith "and" doctrine, and whether it is classified as minor or major. If any teaching deviates from His TRUTH it is major to me, and this dog is gonna bark at 'em. (Isaiah 56:10)

See you next month if Jesus tarries.

Questions, comments and new subscribers are always welcome.

We Must Earnestly Contend For The Faith. (Jude 1:3)

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