Vol. 3 Number 1 January 1997
Editor Andy Neckar

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1. The Gospel Constricted, Sinners Not Convicted.
2. Which God?, of the World, or of the Bible?
3. How Important Christ's "Physical Pain" On The Cross?

The Gospel Constricted, Sinners Not Convicted. Brotherly Love A Fraud. Preachers Wanting Laud
All is Confusion, Fostering Delusion; even distress.
By Andy Neckar

 All that certain tract or parcel of land situated in the town of (anywhere), county of (makes no difference), state of (any state) and being lot Number.(any number), Block number (any number) of the (any) addition to the town of (any town) county of (any county) state of (any state)

The above described land being the same as described in Warranty Deed from (anyone) to (Church building) ect. ect.

 Now…Any Christian entering said specified premises on specified day of week and at specified time of day shall bestow brotherly love to fellow Christian on that certain specified plat of the earth's surface on specified day and time of day and fellowship one with the other and assemble themselves to hear the Word of the Lord God.

 Be it made know to all that any lost sinner wishing to be saved, must enter said premises located at specified plat of the earth's surface, on specified day of week and time of day, to hear the gospel, if by chance said gospel of Jesus Christ, the power of God unto salvation, is preached on that given day of week and time of day, located at specified plat of the earth's surface.

 What is all this nonsense about, you say. Let me explain. Not a one of the churches in my area of the state go witnessing the gospel of Christ. No one goes house to house witnessing the Lord Jesus Christ, or are involved in handing out gospel tracts to reach the lost of the communities.

 Only if the lost come into the "church building", and if by chance the sermon that morning happens to be that of the "gospel of Christ", the power of God unto salvation, can the lost of this community be saved.

 Hold on, you say. Most churches have the "invitation" at the end of the services. You are right. But what is stated in the Bible as the "power of God unto salvation"? Let me say this. It is "not" the "invitation". It is the Gospel of Jesus Christ that saves. The gospel of Jesus Christ is nor "preached" at the invitation.

 Rom 1:16 For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek. (KJV)

 God invites or calls all sinners to repentance

 2 Pet 3:9 The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. (KJV)

 Luke 5:32 I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. (KJV)

 John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. (KJV)

 These verses tell us that "all" are called to repentance. God so loved the world, that is everyone in it, not just a few. God calls "all" as at the invitation "all" are invited. But the call or invitation does not save us. It is the gospel of Christ that saves unto everyone that believes.

 I believe we all know that Christ commands believers to go to the lost sinners, not that the lost sinners come to us.

 Now about the fellowship part.

 Brother so and so may be friendly and act really concerned about his fellow brother in the Lord-at church. But meet many of these "brothers" in everyday life and unless you happen to, in reality, 'bump into them" most will not cross the street to say hello, or for that matter, even wave.

 Unless one happens to be a member of the "Downtown Merchants Association", the "Civic Club", or perhaps the local "Masonic Lodge", is seems as though one Christian and another have nothing much in common. But members of the above mentioned groups always seem to welcome each other with open arms.

 Why is this so? Are Christians for the most part ashamed of our Lord Jesus Christ? Why is it that, in a conversation, two Christian brothers will almost never mention the Name of Christ in public? Why is it that two Christian brothers in the Lord who have in common such things as, not being of this world, the same Lord and Master, Savior, Father, the same being brothers, heirs to the same kingdom, the promise of the same salvation, will, in most cases, be hesitant to discuss such things, but will openly converse in things such as lodge and club activities, ect?

 In most cases, if a brother in the Lord has a problem, the members of his church will pray for him but will not talk with him about it. If the brother is wrong they can correct him. If he is right they can comfort him. But unless they are willing to listen, they can do nothing. They cannot comfort, correct, or church discipline if they are ignorant of the facts.

 Why can a brother in the Lord be lied to, lied about, and slandered by another "brother in the Lord", and these "helpful brothers" will say, "I don't want to hear about that, it is none of my business"?. I say to you, most people in secular jobs have more loyalty (express concern or show love) to one another than this.

 I don't know what is happening in our churches today. The churches that are still true to the Word have members that seem to be cold and unconcerned when not in church.. Preachers (pastors) seem to be self centered and in reality not burdened for the lost ,or for those whom they have rule over in the Lord.

 I am an Independent Baptist. One Independent Baptist Church in my area will be supporting the enemies of God and not practicing separation. Another will be preaching personal opinions and attempting to biblically prove them. Another will have a Bible teacher teaching a false gospel, and when this error is brought to the attention of the pastor, the pastor lies to, lies about, and slanders the informer rather than accept responsibility for approving this teacher in the first place. Times are getting pretty tough in this part of the country. Even so; Come Lord Jesus.

 Which God?, of the World, or of the Bible?
By Andy Neckar

 When America's churches tear down denominational walls between Baptists, Roman Catholics, Mormons, ect., and join. together to seek God's face to heal our land, (2 Chronicles 7:14) those prayers will not be answered by the God Of The Bible. Why? Because these people pray to another god. These people pray to a god created by man, not the God who created man.

 When professing "Christians" join with heretics, (cults such as Catholicism) who believe in a god created by man made tradition and whose leader (pope) believes in evolution instead of God's account of creation as given in the book of Genesis, (U.S.A. Today 10/25/96) who then are these professing "Christians" offering prayer? Do they pray to the god of this World or the God of the Bible. Think about it.

 This false god-- created by those professing "Christians" who deny the True God Of The Bible; the atheistic leaders in the United Methodist Church, Roman Catholic Church,. Mormon Church, and a list of other denominational bodies that have been led away from the faith once delivered to the saints by their leaders and preach another Jesus-- will not heal America, because it is powerless to heal. This god, created by man and accepted by multitudes, only has secular power that will lead the world to destruction, not healing.

 This man made god was created by God as an angel named Lucifer, but after his rebellion against God is now known as Satan, that Old Devil. Man has taken this creation of God and make him their god. The "True God" did not set up this Satan over us as God. Thus, a man made god.

 The works of Satan will not stand the test of time. He will be defeated in the "end time". The Word of God will destroy the works of Satan. The Word of God lasts forever.

 God talking evangelists, yes, even the highly noted ones, must be examined by the fruit of their doctrine. Do they hold to the full gospel of Christ? One may say he or they have led many souls to Christ. How can they not be of God? Remember, God's Word will not return to Him void. (Isaiah 55:11) God will use whosoever He will to glorify His name. Just because an evangelist, noted or not, speaks of Jesus Christ and quotes Scripture, does not mean he is "of God" Even Satan used Scripture in his evil stratagem. In Matt.4: 6 the devil quoted Psalms 91:11-12. Satan will suffer the loss of a few souls to deceive many.
How Important Christ's "Physical Pain" On The Cross?
By Andy Neckar

 We often hear of the physical pain that Christ suffered on the cross for out sins. The pain of the nails being driven into His hands and feet, and how excruciating the pain must have been when the cross was righted and dropped into the hole that supported the cross.

 We hear how this sudden jerk widened the nail holes, as Christ's body weight was supported only by the nails driven through His flesh. All this is true, but emphasizing only on the physical pain, masks the real pain our Lord suffered

Many people were crucified on a cross, with nails. Some were hung upside down.

Many were scourged before their crucifixion. Yes, Jesus died a shameful death, but that death alone did not save man. Yes, as Jesus was the only sinless man, He had to die, and God choose to have Him die a shameful death and a physical excruciating death. But we cannot look at Christ's death on only that perspective, There is much more to His death than that outlook alone.

 There is none righteous, no not one, (Rom 3: 10-12) All have sinned and come short of the glory of God. (Rom 3: 23) For the wages of sin is death.(Rom 6:23)

The death for the wages of sin is called the second death. (Rev 20:14) Whosoever is not found written in the book of life is cast into the lake of fire. (Rev 20:15)

 Sinners die and go to hell. Then death and hell are cast into the lake of fire This is the penalty for man's sin. God says that penalty must be paid, no two ways about it. A sinless man had to pay that penalty but one could not be found among men. God had to send His Son, (Himself) to pay that penalty.

 Now, what penalty was that? Only an excruciating death? No! Christ had to suffer our hell for us. Remember, sinners must die and go to hell. After that death and hell are cast into the lake of fire for eternity. That is the penalty for man's sins. Eternity in the lake of fire. Christ had to pay "that" penalty.

 Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God had to suffer on that cross the pain of a sinners eternity in the lake of fire. How did He do that?. I don't know. For God all things are possible, but thank God He did it.

 Jesus Christ had to suffer our eternity in the lake of fire, but it couldn't stop there.

 He had to rise again and conquer death. If He had nor risen from His death our hope and faith would be in vain. We would be yet in our sins. (1 Cor 15:17) We would still be condemned to hell.

 Christ had to die, suffer our eternity in hell, and rise from the dead in order to satisfy God, (His Father, Himself) and save us.

 1. Christ's physical death helped save us. He, as a human, had to die. But that alone was not enough.

 2. Christ had to suffer our hell for us. This is where the real suffering came in. Humans suffer excruciating pain, but humans cannot suffer an eternity in hell and come out of it. Eternity is what it says. Forever. Endless. No end. No one can suffer an eternity in hell and spent that same eternity in heaven but God Himself.

 3. Christ had to conquer death so we could be resurrected. Remember, death is cast into the lake of fire for eternity.

 I believe it is wrong for churches to accentuate Christ's physical pain alone. That alone is not what saves us. I guess pastors and deacons do this because physical pain is something most folks can relate to. But if folks can personally relate to the cross, then it becomes not an object of awe. It becomes not an object of man's impossibility. It becomes an idea that if one sinless man, (or woman as Romanism teaches) could be found, Christ would not have had to die. But even that is still an impossibility for man. Who else but God can suffer man's eternity in the lake of fire, and end it?


UMC Still Apostatizing
The United Methodist Book of Discipline condemns gambling, describing it as a "menace to society; deadly to the best interest of moral, social, economic and spiritual life; and destructive of good government."

 Yet at the same time the delegates at the 1996 United Methodist General Conference voted to reject a "rights of the unborn" addendum to the churches Social Principles. The UMC continues in it's conditional pro-choice stance.

 First Lady Hillary Clinton, a life-long United Methodist and the first spouse of a president ever to address a Methodist General Conference shared her experiences as a United Methodist and called on the denomination to continue its social witness for the world's children.

 Talk about spiritual darkness!! When a professing Christian church, (and it was at one time in the past) condemns gambling as it does but holds to conditional murder of the unborn, and engages in a social testimony to the children of the world-well-- it's time for true believers in that denomination to come out from among them.(2 Cor 6:14-17) [CNV News Service]
Evangelicals Eulogize Evolutionist Pope.
John Paul II's election as pope in 1978 was enthusiastically endorsed by Poland's Communist Party and by World communism in general, says Dr. Henry Morris (12/96 Acts & Facts). Morris adds. "Since his election, he has seemingly been promoting a syncretistic [*unity without critical examination] agenda, not only with Protestants but also with Hindus ... and others ... He in not a recent convert to evolution, as the media have implied .... All cults and movements associated with the "new world order" of the so-called New Age Movement have two things in common--evolutionism an their base and globalism as their goal. It is disturbing now to see even many large evangelical movements (e.g., Promise Keepers, charismatic ecumenism) inadvertently drifting into the same orbit while eulogizing this evolutionist pope.," (Jan./1/97 Calvary Contender, 1800 Sparkman Dr. Huntsville, AL 35816) *CN&V'S note
WCC & Roman Catholicism
The World Council of Churches- - the world's biggest ecumenical body -- is considering radical changes in its structure, including the creation of a new ecumenical forum which could include the Roman Catholic Church and other churches which are not members of the WCC.

 A draft policy statement entitled "Towards a Common Understanding and Vision of the World Council of Churches" -- part of a process that has been under way since 1989, suggests that in the year 2000, all Christian churches should -- in a "common act" -- commit themselves to working "towards the day when an ecumenical council of the entire Church of Jesus Christ, in the sense of the ancient undivided church, will take place." (all emphasis are mine)

 One council, one undivided church. That, folks, is the church of the antichrist rapidly taking shape. The day of commitment for all churches to work towards building Satan's One World Church is suggested as the year 2000. This Satanic goal will be presented to Christ as His 2000th birthday gift? No thanks! This party pooper will have no part of this. I believe that very soon after this goal is initiated, a persecution of some sort directed toward true believers who oppose this movement will begin. And this persecution will be imposed in the Name of God. (John 16:2) (excerpted from an article by United Methodist Reporter, (UMR) Communications 12/5/96).
Say No To Toleration And Compromise
There is a toleration which is treachery. There is a peace which issues in paralysis. There are hours when the church must sat no to those who should ask communion with her, in the doing of her work, upon the basis of compromise. Such standing aloof may produce ostracism and persecution; but it will maintain power and influence….The reason men do not look to the church today is because she has destroyed her own influence by compromise.(G.CampbellMorgan)


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We Must Earnestly Contend For The Faith.