Vol. 2 Num. 2 Feb. 1996
Editor Andy Neckar

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1. The End of a Century.The Beginning of a New Millennium.
2. The Three Determinations of New Evangelicalism

The End of a Century.
The Beginning of a New Millennium.

By Andy Neckar

According to news reports there is a new searching for God among the masses. A few years ago, Time magazine reported that many baby boomers who had formally dropped out of organized religion were returning to their roots. Church attendance is on the rise.

Although church attendance may indicate the spiritual climate of a nation, it doesn't necessarily indicate the faith of a nation. Spirituality takes many forms, most of which are in conflict with God's word. Even among the most biblical denominations in terms of doctrine, large percentages attend for reasons other than genuine faith in Jesus. As one pastor has stated, "People are in the seeking mode. They are looking for places to get their needs met".

This is all well and good. Certainly churches should meet the needs of the people. But unless those coming are brought to saving faith in Christ, the most important need they have can never be met.

In the midst of the worsening economic and social conditions in America, there springs in the hearts of many professing Christians the hope for world wide revival. As society sinks deeper and deeper into sin- as ungodlyness gains greater respect among the movers and shakers of society, there is a refusal among many professing Christians to believe that things must get worse. For some, it seems inconsistent with God's plan that mankind should increasingly reject God's salvation through Jesus Christ.

But what does Scripture say? Jesus prophesied that , as it was in the days of Noah, so it would be at His second coming. In his first letter to the Thessalonians, Paul spoke not of revival, but of apostasy taking place in the last days. And Jesus even asked if He would find faith on the earth when He returns.

Ecumenism is a sin against our God. Professing Christians refuse to believe the words of Jesus as manifest in Luke 18:8. Professing Christians are attempting to alter the prophecy of Jesus in favor of their own agenda. These people want to present to Jesus a "Christianized World" as a 2000 year birthday gift. And as they see failure in this agenda they must gather in union with all spirituality, (Catholics, Muslims, Hindus) all pagan religions, and profess them to be Christian brothers in Christ. Only in this way can they claim a "Christianized World" in the next five years.

The following is excerpted from Celebration 2000, a Special Report by Albert Dager, editor of Media Spotlight.

A very brief overview of this agenda is offered here. One man in particular is working diligently to make not only the years 2000 and 2001 significant moments to celebrate, but the remaining years of the century in total--from 1996 through 2001. Jay Gary, author of The Star of 2000, is setting a course that many church leaders are following. "In the 80s", says Gary, "we got used to thinking about the "megatrends" shaping our lives as we approach the year 2000. Now we must think about what mega-images might best define the drama of the season".

"For the church, the single great idea behind the bimillenial will depend on what images or themes we use to define our journey to Christ".

A fivefold classification of metaphors- the "Five A.D. 2000 Mega-Images" have been developed. These are:

Threshold 2000

Trends 2000

Agenda 2000

Renewal 2000

Jubilee 2000

Threshold 2000

The Threshold 2000 mega-image views the year 2000 as the beginning of a new era, whether the millennial reign of Christ, or the New Age, or some other significant era, depending upon the philosophical world view of those holding that mega-image.

Trends 2000

In contrast to Threshold 2000, Trends 2000 looks at the possibilities for the future while assessing the past.

Jay Gary says, "the bimillennial will be a natural occasion for the church to rediscover and celebrate Christ as Lord of the whole universe, not just the church. At best a Trends 2000 approach to the bimillennial era offers a vision of the future filled with hope rather than fraught with fear".

Agenda 2000

This mega-image perceives the year 2000 as a milestone date-- a target to work toward in tackling unfinished tasks. Gary calls us to enter the race. Agenda 2000 programs usually one or two horizons. One is a plan of action for this decade, the other for a new century. By the late '80s more than 2000 groups held goals for the year 2000 (with the number growing weekly) in government, business, education and religion. The Earth Summit may be the most well known, with the agenda of saving the planet. In contrast Gary offers the attempts of those involved in evangelism to complete their task by the year 2000. Says Gary:

"What do Agenda 2000 programs offer the bimillennial? At best these programs allow us to celebrate 2000 in action, not just in thought. They prepare a more just and peaceful world that is worthy of celebration. An evangelized world would be a wonderful gift for the church to present to Christ on His 2000th birthday".

The optimism is evident, yet the ecumenists do not equate an evangelized world with a Christian world.

Renewal 2000

This mega-image suggests rebirth and personal and social transformation. The New Age is looking for the evolutionary transformation of mankind into a new species. The church on the other hand is looking for worldwide revival, but Scripture does not prophesy a revival in the last days, but rather an apostasy, a great falling away from the faith (11 Thess. 2:3-4).

Jubilee 2000

This mega-image contrasts the jubilee year of Israel with the jubilee of Christ by stating that Jesus "opened a jubilee of liberty for all humanity". Jesus' recitation of Isaiah 61 is cited for this belief (Luke 4:18).

But the Lord's proclamation of freedom for the captives does not apply to the world, it applies to God's people. The world remains in bondage to Satan until he will be chained for a thousand years (Rev. 20:2). True freedom comes only through faith in Jesus Christ and obedience to God's Word.

Many church denominations are working to complete the "Great Commission" by the year 2000. In addition there are several interdenominational and ecumenical coalitions working together to accomplish their goal of world evangelization by the year 2000. The most notable of these are:

AD 2000 Together: (Pentecostal, Charismatic, Catholic and non- Catholic);

The Order of Saint Phillip: Which are mainline church Charismatics. ( Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran, Methodist etc.)

North American Renewal Service: (Catholics, Pentecostals, Charismatics, Evangelical Protestants).

All of these denominations are looking at the turn of the century as a target date to evangelize the world for Christ, and as the deadline approaches more and more professing Christians, many of whom are in reality unsaved souls, and pagans are added to this "Christianized fold". End of excerpts.

The various movements going on in the churches today are dangerous. True believers must be warned to investigate most diligently to keep from being led astray.

We must ask ourselves; How will we view the new millennium? Will we be among the merry makers, hoping that the new year/century/millennium will give us more wealth, more love, more security in an insecure world? Or will we see things from God's perspective, viewing this momentous event as not so momentous after all, as just another day, striving to do God's will by studying His Holy Word and preaching the gospel of salvation to the lost?

The Three Determinations of New Evangelicalism
(Paraphrased from the book, New Neutralism ll, by John E. Ashbrook).

First, new evangelicalism determined to reject biblical separation. These new evangelists removed the fences that God had ordained to protect the church. From history we can see that new evangelicalism is leading the mainline church back into the realm of apostasy. New evangelicalism has led many back into the apostasy their forefathers left. The reformation has been devaluated and the Pope is ready to welcome the wanders home. The doctrinal fence that kept the charismatics in another pasture has been taken down. New evangelicalism is moving toward one flock, no matter what men believe.

Apostasy is that departure from spiritual truth by individuals, churches, or organizations which once possessed the truth. A true apostate is one who once understood the truth. Are the new evangelicals apostates? There is a parallel. Many of the strongest leaders of neutralism are those who once stood for fundamentalism. They understood and deliberately rejected it.

Satan is building the one-world church of the end time. Neutralism is an attack on Biblical obedience. When Biblical obedience is destroyed, it eventually destroys Biblical faith.

Second. New evangelicalism is determined to find acceptance in the world. At first this was a craving for acceptance in scholarship and intellectual esteem. Soon that desire for acceptance moved on to culture , music and life style. The desire for acceptance has led to preoccupation into the world.

One of the major concepts of new evangelicalism is toleration. That concept has led to toleration of almost anything in the name of Christianity. Scripture does not say that God is tolerant. It says God is Holy. God's Word does not tell us to tolerate, but to separate from those who are not of the truth (2 Cor 6:14-17).

Third. New evangelicalism is determined to add, and has added the social gospel to the scriptural gospel. When anything is added to the gospel, the addition always becomes more important that the gospel. A universal example would be the Roman Catholic Church, who equates Church Tradition with Holy Scripture,(Vatican Council ll, Austin Flannery, O.P. 1988 Revised Edition pp 754-56) and when church tradition and scripture differ, church tradition takes preeminence.

New evangelicalism has set the saving gospel and the social gospel side by side as equally important. Since man is a fallen creature, the social gospel will win the day. Man is always more concerned with the needs of his body than with the needs of his soul. The New Testament method of helping mankind was by preaching. The neutralist method is protesting or politicking to gain the victory by government effort or changing the social order. This is not, and never was the gospel.

I hope this newsletter will help the people of fundamental churches understand their convictions. The convictions of the radical fundamentalists, as we are called by the media and the secular world, are Biblical. Our convictions can be found in the Word of God. We are commanded by God to be nonconformist to the social gospel. (Rom 12:2).

We are cursed if we do not stand by our convictions, for if even an angel from heaven should preach a different gospel from the one we have received by God's Holy Book, the Bible, we are accursed. (Gal 1:8-9)

Are all of the New Evangelicals (the standard name of modern day false teachers) apostates, or are they brethren disobedient to Scripture? I offer an example illustrated by John E. Ashbrook in his book, New Neutralism ll (which can be ordered from, Here I Stand Books, 8686 Hilltop Drive Mentor, Ohio 44060). "When you start a trip, you fill your gas tank, and the gauge on the dashboard reads full. As you drive, it progresses to the other extreme that says empty. On the journey of neutralism, write "believer" at the right side of the gas gauge and "unbeliever" on the left. At the beginning of the journey, the new evangelicals were liberal believers (brethren). At the end of the journey, the new evangelicals began to look more like unbelieving liberals. There is a place about the middle of the gauge where one may ask, “Am I dealing with believer or unbeliever?" As you study the figures of new evangelicalism you may find yourself saying of one, “He's a brother”. Concerning others, you may say, “I don't believe he is a brother”, or maybe, “I'm not sure”.

There is yet another way to study this question, and that is by Scripture. Some of us may discern God's Word differently, but these are my beliefs (1 John 2:18-19).

That's it. Now I will explain.

John says that these antichrists went out from them, that they might be made apparent that these people were not one of them, (brethren). John says that they never were one of them (true believers). If it takes an antichrist (false teacher) to go out from us (openly teach, and state believes contrary to Scripture) in order to be properly identified, these people must have many of the true believers fooled. I say if people such as these can fool the New Testament believers for awhile, they can fool us for awhile too.

This belief does not contradict the sealing power of the Holy Spirit unto salvation, as we assumed these people were true believers at the start. I believe that God will reveal the antichrists of this world to His elect, as He made manifest the antichrists to the elect in 1 John 2:18-19. It is impossible to deceive the elect of God. (Matt 24:24) If there be any permanent deception, it will be of those who have fallen away from the faith, but not the born again saving faith possessed by the elect. For there is such a thing as a dead (false) faith. (James chapter 2)

News Watch

Charismatic-Catholic-Evangelical Unity
John Robbins, in the Autumn 1995 Focus, said: ‘The charismatic movement is open to new evangelicals and Roman Catholics. Romanism is open to Pentecostals and new evangelicals. Not to be outdone, new evangelicalism is open to Pentecostals and Roman Catholics. This apostate trio is moving closer and closer together in a growing bond of sympathy. There is a theological reason for this. Each emphasizes inner experience. The uniting factor is that the message of each movement—Romanism, new evangelicalism, and the charismatic movement is the centrality of religious experience”. Experience is important, but it is a dangerous substitute for doctrine as the basis for scriptural unity.

Graham’s Disobedience
O Timothy Editor David Cloud (Vol. 12, issue 11) lists and discusses some of the reasons why fundamentalists must warn against Dr. Billy Graham’s disobedient ministry: He says Graham: Accepts degrees from Catholic Colleges and says the Catholic gospel is the same as his own; has turned thousands of converts over to apostate churches; thinks the pope is a great evangelist; thinks there is special power in infant baptism; does not believe hell is a literal fiery torment; invites Catholic bishops onto his platform to bless those who come forward at his invitations; praises Christ denying modernists; and has promoted practically every perverted Bible version to appear in the last four decades.

You will notice some changes in this issue as I try to improve and standardize the newsletter.

The Christian News & Views is now on the World Wide Web as you have noticed in the address section, and I ask you to “Withal praying also for us (me) that God would open unto us (me) a door of utterance, to speak the mystery of Christ, for which I am also in bonds”: (Col 4:3) KJV.

Accompanying this issue is a list of resources that I have available to help believers discern God’s teachings, the foolishness of the gospel, (1 Cor 1: 18-25; 2: 14; 3:19) versus the worldly wisdom of man’s teachings who have no spiritual wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Christ. (Eph 1:17)

I want to thank those of you who correspond with me from time to time. It is a true blessing to me when I hear from one who shares the newsletter with others and informs me that the newsletter is profitable to discernment.

Please consider the study material, as the warning packages are factual and beneficial to all.

As always, your comments and questions are appreciated. I pray that you do what you can to help increase the mailing list of this newsletter.

Please pass this newsletter on to someone. Until next month, I am yours in Christ’s love

Andy Neckar

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