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1. The Redefining of a Church.
2. Churches Inviting Wolves in to come Play With the Sheep.

The Redefining of a Church.
by Andy Neckar

The world is beginning to teach morals nowadays. Because of drive-by shootings, school shootings, and workplace shootings the world is becoming concerned about the plight of today's society. Drugs, tobacco and alcohol are a scourge on society and a burden on the health-care system we all need. Self-infliction because of these products is the main cause of the ever rising cost of medical care in the world today

Rapes, murders, abuse and fraud are insurmountable obstacles to the well being of society today, and society, in desperation, is calling for a spiritual reformation. Folks, the churches of America are trying to reform society through the government, but what frustrates me so intensely is the thought of WHOM, or WHAT will reform the churches.

I believe the chances of government reforming the churches by mandating morality is much greater that the churches reforming the government. Why do I speak this way? Let me say this folks. Read the newspapers and the religious reporting services. Immorality in the churches is equal to, or even surpasses that of society taking the per capita ratio of professing Christianity and the world.

Sexual episodes by religious leaders are commonly found in the news reporting agencies, whether they be religious or secular agencies. Fraud is the standard norm in religious organizations here in these last days. Pornography is astoundingly rampant among church members and is routinely reported among the clergy. The divorce rate among "church goers" exceeds that of society in general.

While pastors and professing Christians endorse the occult and witchcraft in games and books, (i.e. Pokemon & Harry Potter) some secular news reporting agencies caution viewers to exercise prudence.

While church "leaders" concentrate on teaching THEIR PEOPLE to obey the Old Testament rule of tithes and offerings and STRICT obedience to pastoral authority, the church is going to hell in a breadbasket.

The priority of most of the churches of these last days (i.e. Southern and Independent Baptists and most all other that I am aware of, and United Methodist, ect.) are teaching obedience TO THEMSELVES.

The TWO foremost commandments according to Christ can be found in Matt Chapter 22: as well as many other places in God's Word.

Matt 22:36-40 Master, which is the great commandment in the law? Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

Baptist churches are famous for TWO OTHER commandments. These are to be found in Hebrews chapter 13 and the third chapter of Malachi.

Heb 13:17 Obey them that have the rule over you, and submit yourselves: for they watch for your souls, as they that must give account, that they may do it with joy, and not with grief: for that is unprofitable for you.

Mal 3:10 Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.

The Old Testament principle of tithes and offerings are not valid for a New Testament believer. We are not COMMANDED to TITHE, that is to give a tenth, we are EXHORTED to GIVE in GRACE. (Ask for my pamphlet "The Truth About Tithing" that I wrote some time ago)

These is not much priority in carrying the gospel of Christ to the lost, and teaching the saints to aid in their spiritual growth in the churches today because Hebrews 13 is preached week in and week out along with the unscriptural teaching of New Testament "tithes and offerings".

As I have said many times, the TITHES is unscriptural and the RULE over people is mainly for preeminence. The churches today are full of Diotrephes's.

3 Jn 1:9 I wrote unto the church: but Diotrephes, who loveth to have the preeminence among them, receiveth us not.

Folks, is it only me, or is society beginning to sound more like the end times church, and the church beginning to sound and LOOK more like the world?

Remember a short while ago the Roman Catholic Church claimed she was the ONLY one true church, and now she is embracing ALL RELIGIONS. Catholic means universal you know, and she is becoming so in her recent public statements. Go back some in time when the Protestant and Baptist churches were teaching that ALL who come to Christ by faith are saved and EQUAL in the eyes of the Lord God, regardless of denominational affiliation if the ONE TRUE GOSPEL was preached for salvation. Now listen to the "Landmark Baptists" or the "Baptist Briders" that claim only Independent Baptists that have a chain-link succession of Baptist churches all the way back to the first church in Jerusalem and that ONLY THEY have the scriptural authority to plant new churches and to baptize converts.

These pastors make the claim that there is a Baptist church perpetuity passed on down through the ages to the present time. They claim that a new church must be brought into existence by an already existing Baptist Church of the lineage of the Baptist Church started in the days of Christ's earthly ministry. They make the UNSCRIPTURAL claim that ONLY LANDMARK BAPTIST CHURCH MEMBERS have authority to carry out the great commission. (teach, preach, evangelize and baptize)

Folks, I say the Baptist claim of Baptist Church succession from the time of Christ, is as heretical as the Roman Catholic claim of apostolic succession from the Apostle Peter.

As the last days approach many Baptist churches are becoming more and more like the Roman Catholic Church in its teachings. I was in a church like that in Gatesville Texas in 1997- early 1998 before the Lord called me out of it.

Read about the church and it's social agenda. Read about the immorality in the church and the worldliness in the church and you will come to understand that these are NOT Christian characteristics. The man or woman behind the pulpit in most churches no more conform to the qualification of a pastor or deacon as commanded BY GOD in 1 Timothy and Titus, than I conform to the qualities of the Superman character. The differences between the qualities of the superman character and myself are as PLAIN as the differences of the qualities of those behind today's church pulpit and the qualities given by God in Holy Scripture. IT is AS PLAIN as the nose on your face and if you cannot see it you are spiritually blind.

The "secular press" can see it. The "unregenerate" can see it, but most "professing Christians" cannot see it, or else they tolerate it in defiance of God's Word which tells them to SEPARATE from it.

The majority of the churches today are fighting a political and cultural battle. The main focus of the church of the end-times in which we live is on political and social reform rather that spiritual warfare. What the church has failed to do and is failing to even try anymore, is to transform the heart from the inside with the powerful Word of God. The focus of the end-times church is to turn to the government to "mandate" morality through human law. They have rejected God's way and have turned to the ways of man. As Tom Watson, pastor of Countryside Bible Church in Southlake, TX says in his book, "The Redefining of a Christian". The church has "confused conservatism for Christianity". (You can purchase this book from Countryside Bible Chapel, 250 Ravenaux Dr., Southlake, TX 76092

Pastor Watson goes on to say that, "it is not hard to redefine a Christian on the basis of morality, if we simply define God on that basis". But the Bible teaches that there will be many "moral" people and religious workers in hell. (Matt 7:22-23) Pastor Watson says this of those preaching a "new morality" which redefines a Christian and places Catholics, Mormons and Evangelicals in union with each other at the expense of the true gospel.

"If people are getting saved and lives are being changed, then why not be a part of this? How can you be against something that has so many positives"? "Whenever we have a mixture of truth and error in the ministry, two things will happen. God's Word"…will not return to Him void…", (Isa 55:11) so He will take the truth , save souls and change lives. At the same time, Satan will take the error and blind many and replace spiritual growth with an appealing substitute".

So, as the church has redefined Christianity to a "new morality" and has redefined itself into a "social agency" it has turned FROM GOD to the GOVERNMENT for the power to accomplish its aim.

Sometimes I think how warm and cozy it would be to isolate myself in a "sound church". One of those rare ones that are STILL holding fast to the faith ONCE delivered to the saints. Unfortunately there are none in my area and I still would have to deal with the burden the Lord gave me to expose and oppose the unsound churches of the world. I'm gonna lost the fight because of the knowledge I have of God's Word that says there must come a falling away first, but I'm gonna win a few small skirmishes as I finish my race.

I have ONE blessed hope, and that is just shortly after Jesus comes and takes His saints out of this world, He's gonna come back "with us" and WIN THE WAR.

Churches Inviting Wolves in to come Play With the Sheep.
by Andy Neckar

(The following two paragraphs are an excerpt from the Ft. Worth Star Telegram, Friday, Nov. 19, 1999)

As cities like Arlington and Fort Worth grow older, the makeup of the population changes, and many church leaders say they must also change or become dinosaurs.

Mission programs to newcomers to the United States are one response. Many churches are starting programs that bring Christians and non-Christians together in a relaxed atmosphere.

[Editor] THIS says it ALL folks. This is the reason why the churches are falling away from the faith once delivered to the saints. The Christians are "relaxed" as they sin against the God they claim to worship. They are at "ease" as the "leaven of the world" begins to leaven the whole lump that has been kneaded into the dough by the shepherds.

The shepherds, or sheep dogs that are to guard the sheep are leaving the flock of which they have been entrusted to safeguard, and is approaching the predators on the outskirts of the sheep pasture. Rather than "barking" to warn the sheep of the approaching predators and working diligently to keep the wolves at bay, he is approaching them and calling to them and licking their chops and inviting them to come and "play" with the sheep in his care.

The dumb sheep are unable to recognize the "newcomers" as predators, even though they are dressed as wolves, look like wolves, act like wolves, and the sheep dog even tells them that they are wolves. The sheep have no fear because great-exalted "sheep dog" tells them that, "it's okay, THEY won't HURT YOU, but YOU can HELP THEM.

"Mingle with them", says the lazy and greedy sheep dog who loves to slumber and rake in the "tithes". "Let us make them feel comfortable", say the counterfeit sheep dog. It is about time that we identified this "mutt" for what he really is. He is a "professional preacher" for hire. He is a MUTT parading around as a THOROUGHBRED. He is called by "man" and his job is a "career". He is trained in an "institute of higher learning," called a "seminary". He has graduated with his Masters and/or Doctors degree. He has been trained by the WORLD to minister to the WORLD, and when he gains entrance to a barn where the sheep assemble, he invites the WORLD into the barn with the sheep, because all he knows is the WORLD. He is to lazy and timid to go OUT and try and convert the predators. Why, they may not listen to the message. But many WILL accept an invitation to come and be entertained with the sheep.

The offence of the Cross is repulsive to him. Why, how can he become popular and loved by the world AND the DUMB SHEEP unless he can make them feel comfy/cozy?

He don't have the "guts" or the ambition to GO into the FIELD to harvest the crop. He tries to entice the crop to come into the barn, and when some DO come in he wants then to "feel at home". The tares came into the "wheat barn" as tares, and MOST of them will remain in the wheat barn "as tares" until it is transformed into a "barn of tares".

He will occasionally preach a counterfeit "doctrine of Christ", but he will NEVER preach the "Christian Cross". He will preach the "immediate" benefits of the counterfeit doctrine of Christ such as "inner peace" and "financial security" and a good life "on this earth" but he will NEVER preach "REPENTANCE". He may preach "morality" for the good of the world. He may preach a change in the "secular government" in order to make "this world" a better place, but he will NEVER preach an "inner" change in the "heart" of the church member.

He will not preach a fear of hell, but the joy of heaven. People don't go to church to "fear and tremble" they come to hear an "intellectual talk" with some humor thrown in to benefit them here and now. They don't want their "hearts touched" they want their "ears tickled".

Why do the "sheep" in the barn go along with this? Because they are TOLD this is the way it is and they don't have enough sense to know better because they too, are lazy and love to slumber and to be waited on by the mutt and his muttlings. They wouldn't recognize the truth of God's Word if it hit them in the face, because they have never been INTO His Word often enough to recognize it when they see it. The sheep have set themselves up for the slaughter. The leaven has leavened the lump. The only remedy for the "unleavened sheep" is to continue to "work till HE comes".

One day soon Jesus my Christ is gonna come and take me home and I'm gonna leave this old world barking. AMEN?

[News Item Headings and Editor comments are mine]

Aside from Nevada, where quick divorces are especially easy, states in the Bible Belt have the highest divorce rate. Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama, and Oklahoma round out the top five in frequency of divorce. The divorce rates in these states are roughly 50 percent above the national average (Greenville [S.C.] News, 11/12/99).

[Editor] I refer to the article "Redefining of a Church" in which I made this statement. " The divorce rate among "church goers" exceeds that of society in general.

The Harry Potter series, fiction books about a boy magician, has made publishing history--grabbing the top three spots on the New York Times bestseller list. Yet the books, intended for 8- to 12-year-olds, have stirred controversy. The American Library Association reports four serious challenges to use of the books in schools--in South Carolina, Michigan, Minnesota, and New York.

A review in the conservative World magazine (10/30/99) warns that the books are increasingly dark. The author, Joanne Rowling, says the books will become darker yet as the series progresses.

Though marketed as successors to "The Chronicles of Narnia" and "The Lord of the Rings", Harry Potter books lack a great cosmic struggle between good and evil, and the difference between good and evil is not clear. Moral ambiguity and alienation of youth are strong themes. Harry Potter makes his own way, directed by his feelings and his friendships, but not by any written moral code.

California Gov. Gray Davis signed three homosexual-rights bills on October 4. The bills (1) award official government status and quasi-marriage benefits to homosexual partners; (2) require that public schools teach that homosexuality is morally equivalent to heterosexuality; and (3) allow massive lawsuits, investigations, and fines against Christian business owners and landlords who take into account sexual orientation in hiring or housing decisions.

Gov. Davis said he signed the bills because "I am dedicated to building a new California based on hope instead of fear, tolerance instead of ignorance." The new laws are scheduled to take effect January 1, 2000 (Focus on the Family Citizen, 11/99).

[Editor] What do you Christians think will win out? A "Sunday school" class 30-45 minutes a week or a 35-hour public school class undermining the Sunday school teaching. That is IF the Truth of God's Word is actually taught in this church class. Religious persecution is here folks, so LOOK UP, cause it's just gonna get worse.

Some lawmakers in New Jersey fiercely oppose a proposed bill that would require students to recite the first two sentences in the Declaration of Independence. Outmoded, racist, sexist, offensive, and dangerous are among the words being used to describe the sentences. The historic sentences begin, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights" (National Liberty Journal, 11/99).

[Editor] The modern day anti-christs are undermining America, her independence, her schools and her government AND HER CHURCHES. These demon possessed humans are undermining our religious freedom.

You know, God said His children would not have to endure HIS WRATH, He never said that we would escape the wrath of the antichrist's forerunners. DAILY it's coming closer and closer. GET READY.

Edinburgh Bishop David Holloway, head of the Anglican Church in Scotland, has come out in favor of the full ordination of priests who are actively homosexual. According to Holloway: "What you do with your sexual organs is not, I think, the moral question. The moral question is the nature of the relationship and whether it is violent or abusive" (Record, Fall 1999).

[Editor] The nature of the relationship in question will send a person to hell. I guess that's not violent or abusive. HELL is COOL-- right? There're gonna have a HOT TIME over there. On with the party.

The latest New Age craze, called powerbeads, is attracting millions of Americans, and merchants say they can't keep enough of the brightly colored bracelets in stock. Modeled after Buddhist prayer beads, the semi-precious stones are thought to have certain power depending on color. Each bracelet is typically made up of one type of stone, which increases intelligence, healing, organization, and so on.

"Everyone is buying these powerbeads, all ages, all sexes, across the country," said Jennifer DeWinter, an associate at Saks Fifth Avenue. "Rarely do you get a trend that appeals to so many people. It's incredible" (Greenville [S.C.] News, 10/18/99).

[Editor] Harry Potter, Pokemon, and now this? I'm gonna research this "bead thing" and do an article on it soon.

A good rule of thumb. The world hates Christianity. Jesus said so. (Matt 10:222; John 15:18) So--if the world goes crazy for a fad it is not for Christians.

A united hour of prayer for peace was held by Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Bahai, Jews, Catholics, and evangelicals recently, sponsored by the World Conference for Religions and Peace. The 600 visiting delegates applauded each reading of prayer for peace from every representative. The statement that "Christians are the salt of the earth" is applicable to all religions, said chairman Ulrich Borngen (Midnight Call, 11/99).

[Editor] Every religion is salt? Hey-too much salt is what will be the ruin of this old salty earth. AMEN?

In my experience, I have concluded that Christians have never been very efficient "salt producers". Milk drinkers, yes. But have you ever heard of salting your milk? Salt MEAT? YES! But MILK? (Heb 5:12-14)

Based on a recent poll, only about 5 percent of natural scientists think that God created humans "pretty much in their present form at one time within the last 10,000 years." While rare among scientists, this is the view held by nearly half of all Americans. The poll was based on responses from some 4,000 professionals randomly selected from American Men and Women of Science.

In a related survey of deans at theological seminaries in the Association of Theological Schools, fewer than a tenth of the deans indicated that their schools support a strictly young earth. About two-thirds of the deans indicated that their schools teach some form of an ancient universe--they teach theistic evolution or progressive creation or a mixture of the two. Most of the rest of the schools--25 percent--teach a mixture of progressive creation and young-earth creation. Interestingly, "theistic evolution was most dominant at Roman Catholic schools" (Christian Century, 10/27/99).

[Editor] Why most dominant at RC schools?

Reported in the October 1997 CNV newsletter

Info on Cardinal John O'Connor
Catholic Cardinal John O'Connor told his audience at St. Patrick's Cathedral in NY City on Sun. Nov. 24 that Adam & Eve "may have been some other form than human…" and "It is possible that when the two persons we speak of as Adam & Eve were created, it was some other form…Perhaps Adam was a lower animal".(Associated Press, Nov. 25, 1996) This statement comes one month after John Paul II said the theory of evolution is "more than just a hypothesis". O'Connor is the head of the NY archdiocese and is one of the most influential Catholic leaders in America.

Reported in the December 1996 CNV newsletter

Pope Embraces Evolution:
Paul John Paul II now has indicated from Rome that there may be some basis for evolution. He calls it "compatible with faith", and says "we may descend from monkeys"(11/4 Christian News) This leaves the door wide open for anti-Christian morality. This heretical pope has caught up with the times, and the Promise Keeper adherents, devoid of discernment because of spiritual darkness are happy to announce in their Christian churches that they are "holding hands" with those who claim this pope as their "Vicar of Christ" on this earth. Men such as this are leaders in your church & community? Think about it.

The traditional fish symbol of Christianity has become the center of religious bumper wars. Nearly every faith--and non-faith--has adopted a fish as its own. An atheistic organization fired the first shot a few years ago, designing a fish with budding feet and emblazoned with the word Darwin. Recent images include a Hindu fish with cow udders, a fattened Buddha, and a Gay-Pride fish that sports a pink triangle. "As far as we can tell, no other religious symbols are perverted for fun and profit," says a report in Focus on the Family Citizen (10/99).

[Editor] About all companies, corporations, clubs and lodges have a symbol of some sort. This goes on from way back when. But the "symbol of Christianity" is a recent copy cat of the world. Modern Christianity lives and acts and identifies itself with the world. It clothes itself in the worlds tapestry and joins in fellowship with the enemies of God.

If I just "had" to have a symbol of my religion it would have to be the "Cross of Christ" and an "Empty Grave".

Love of God's Word
The individual who is born again hungers after the Bible. It is God's voice, and the regenerated man loves God's voice. It is God's law, and the regenerated man has God's law written upon his heart. A person's attitude toward the Bible is a strong indication of his spiritual condition.

Starting in the spring I will begin, Lord willing, a Friday evening service, "Preaching in the Park. This will be in Hico and seven other communities in a 40 mile radius. So once every eight weeks I will be back to the same Community Park. This is my plan unless the Lord puts me to work in other areas.

I am running out of room in my home. Half of the small house is taken up for other purposes. One room (bedroom) is the study and work area of Messengers of Christ Ministries. The garage conversion (dining area) is Community Bible Chapel and another is taken for T-Shirt Transfer machine work area (bedroom). for part time income on the sale of printed tee shirts.

The Lord is really blessing the Neckar family and I pray that he bless you and your family and keep you safe and in His Holy Word.

May our God and Savior bless you and protect you and guard you and guide you and conform us all to His Holy will. AMEN.

I'll see you next month if Jesus tarries.

We Must Earnestly Contend For The Faith. - Jude 1:3