Vol. 3 Number 12, Dec. 1997
Editor-Andy Neckar

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3. A Call to God's Watchmen

By Andy Neckar

There is much controversy concerning the Bible Code Book by Michael Drosnin, both pro and con. This critique is offered to silence the Bible Believers who are in support of the "new prophetic events" and verification of old events this book claims the Bible holds encoded in it's pages for well over 3000 years.

A Bible Code, said to be discovered several decades ago by Rabbi Weissman is said to hold some interesting patterns in the Hebrew Pentateuch (the Five Books of Moses) consisting of words or phrases expressed in the form of inner letter sequences of equally spaced letters in the text. The way this is done is to use a computer to run all the individual word letters together. By eliminating the spacing between words the computer turns the Old Testament into one continuous letter strand of 304,805 letters long.. Now the person has the computer to pick out every letter in any given skip sequence in the Old Testament and examines these letters to see if any words or phrases can be determined from this particular sequence.

The computer searches the strand of letters for names, words, and phrases hidden by the skip code. It starts at the first letter of the Bible and looks for every possible skip sequence-words spelled out with skips of 1,2,3, all the way to several thousand. It then repeats the search starting from the second letter until it reaches the last letter of the Bible.

Sequence after sequence is run until some recognizable word or phrase comes up. The sequence results are read vertically, horizontally and diagonally.. Somewhat like a crossword puzzle. It is now claimed that this code exists in all the books of the Old Testament, not just the Pentateuch as first thought.

An example is that the word "Clinton" is encoded beginning in Genesis 24:8 and ending in Numbers 26:24. Folks, that is two books apart. A total of 256 pages apart in my King James Bible. Count the letter between these pages. With that many letters and the multiple methods (reading like a crossword puzzle) almost any word or phrase can be spelled out.

An example of this is given on page 25 of the book as follows:

"Rip explained that each code is a case of adding every fourth or twelfth or fiftieth letter to form a word. Skip X spaces, and another X spaces and another X spaces, and the hidden message is spelled out. As in this paragraph. *"

"* Start at the first letter of the above paragraph, skip every three letters, and the code is revealed.: 'Rips ExplAineD thaT eacH codE is a Case Of adDing Every fourth or twelfth or fiftieth letter to form a word'. The hidden message-READ THE CODE.'"

Concluding this summary of the Code, I will briefly contest the claims in the volume of this 265 page book.

On page 146 the book insinuates that the "great earthquake" described in Rev. will be more accurately a great "economic collapse". On page 48 the book says that the word "dinosaur" is encoded just above the word "asteroid", suggesting this as proof that the scientific claim of an asteroid striking the earth 65 million years ago destroying the dinosaurs is factual. The book says scientists now agree that mankind would never have evolved unless the dinosaurs had been wiped out by the asteroid, and causing them to wonder whether mankind may face a similar fate, if we too will be wiped out by a rock hurtling in from outer space.

The Bible Code tells of a theory that a collision by a comet in prehistoric times may have inspired later Apocalyptic "tales" in the Bible. Current studies show there must have been at least one impact in the last seventy thousand years that would have "blacked out the sun, flooded much of the world, drenched the land with fire and the smell of brimstone, and otherwise brought down a whole Biblical Apocalypse". (pg. 156) There is much to dispute in the volume of this book.

Future events have been found encoded, but these have not occurred because man delayed the prophetic time schedule the book claims. This inaccuracy is explained away by stating that the words "delayed" is encoded in the same area. Why would God in His foreknowledge foretell an event and then say man has delayed that prophecy? He would know that the event would be delayed so why prophecy the event inaccurately in the first place.

Drosnin says he has proof that the future is not set in stone. The book explains that what is foreseen can be changed by man. Dr. Eliyahu Rips, the recent discoverer of the Code says on page 159 that "I used to think that our future was foreseen period. But the Bible code caused me to realize that there is another alternative-all our possible futures were foreseen and we are choosing among them". That is why many encoded events do not happen. The book says, "Why doesn't the Bible code just tell of the one real future? The answer appears to be that there isn't just one real future, there are many possible futures".

I tell you folks, there is only one real future, and that future is spelled out in the Bible Book, (God's Word) not a Bible Code.

There are so many unbiblical statements in this book that I cannot possibly cover them all. I can only give you a sampling of the flagrant unorthodoxy of the book. For example it is stated that some futuristic events can be found by reading the text backwards. No code involved, it is just there. The Bible Code is more than a warning, Drosnin says, "It may be the information we need to prevent the predicted disaster". The disaster spoken of is the prediction that "the Apocalypse starts now, that within a decade we may face the real Armageddon, a nuclear war" Dorsnin says that the Bible Code is "not a promise of divine salvation... .The message of the Bible code is that we can save ourselves"..(pg. 179)

Isa 45:7 I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things. (KJV)

Using the above verse as reference, Drisnin says in his book, "God Himself clearly states that He is both good and evil". He says that when it was quoted by a Rabbi in Bill Moyers' 1996 PBS series, "Genesis", it caused a nation-wide furor. He says "it was striking that the statement was such a surprise and so controversial because it was not hidden but was openly stated in a 2500 year old book of the Bible... .". He says that ."if after several millennia most people still did not know, and could not accept what was plainly stated in the Bible as the words of God, how could they accept a hidden code in the Bible".(pg. 203)

The verse was nor discovered in 1996. We all knew it was there. I believe the furor was caused by the "interpretation" of the verse by those in spiritual darkness.

Take a ,look at a Hebrew dictionary and look up the Hebrew words translated "create" and "evil".

The Hebrew word "bara" is translated "create". The definition of "bara" is given in the Strong's Hebrew dictionary as; a primitive root; (absolutely) to create; (qualified) to cut down (a wood), select, feed (as formative processes): -choose, create (creator), cut down, dispatch, do, make

Well-God does SELECT an evil people to bring ADVERSITY on His disobedient people. To punish them in order to bring them back to Him so He can forgive them. He SELECTS and DISPACTHES evil to do His bidding. He sometimes CHOOSES evil to chastise His children.

The Hebrew word Ra' (evil) is translated into all of these words:.-- adversity, affliction, bad, calamity, + displease (-ure), distress, evil ([-favouredness], man, thing), + exceedingly, X great, grief (-vous), harm, heavy, hurt (-ful), ill (favoured), + mark, mischief (-vous), misery, naught (-ty), noisome, + not please, sad (-ly), sore, sorrow, trouble, vex, wicked (-ly, -ness, one), worse (-st), wretchedness, wrong.

NOW-because God chooses to USE these evils to accomplish His plans DOES NOT MEAN that He is evil One can tell that this book is written by a heathen (lost un-believer). I believe the book is heretical. I believe the code is merely the rational result of 10,000 letters forming words or phrases in a skip sequence when read as a crossword puzzle, diagonal and even backwards.

By Andy Neckar

It's been six years since the Fall of 1991 when I came to believe the gospel of Christ, and in that period of time I have discerned many truths in God's Word to His people. These were edifying and all sufficient truths to help me walk after His Spirit as I grew in faith. These were expedient truths assimilated joyfully. Other truths I have discerned by careful observation, and truths that vex my very soul, is the accelerating decline of the churches into full scale apostasy. I have discerned the growth of the apostate churches as people heap unto them preachers who will tickle their ears. Replacing the gospel of Christ by a gospel of self esteem and social ethics. I have discerned the immediacy of the prophesy in 2 Timothy 3:1-5, and the professing Christians carried about with every wind of doctrine.(Eph 4:14) I have experienced this in community churches I have visited, read of this present end-times apostasy in Church News articles in my Community Newspaper, in all Major Newspapers, in National Magazines, on Radio and Television, in various Biblically Correct Newsletters and on the Internet. I have heard about it from newsletter subscribers all over the world. There are many people searching for sound churches, because they have been disfellowshipped by the liberal fellowships they were formerly associated with. By this statement I mean that true believers in those apostate fellowships, those in need of "spiritual food" are literally starved out of those churches by the adulterated food fed to the members. This shallow food is sufficient for the self-esteemism of it's worldly members but grossly deficient for the nourishment of God's children.

The churches are feeding the feverish excitement of the present ecumenical movement falsely termed a revival, while starving the children of God and leaving then out in the cold without a church home. The growing body of people searching for sound churches is, I believe, the "True Ecumenicism" of God's people. I believe that as we progress further into these last days God will be calling His people out in even greater numbers.

God is using the Devil's program of spreading a false gospel in the denominations to gather His people out of them. As God sometimes uses evil nations and evil men to carry out His will, so is He using the apostate ecumenical tactics of the false church to gather His people together.

But this could be in short time the cause of a great dilemma. As a result of the increasing number of churches falling into apostasy, and God's people called out of them in greater numbers, frustration may engross the believers as they search for spiritual food.

I have no insight on how God will alleviate this situation, but I leave you with this reminder. There is the promise of God regarding His children. Jesus Christ assures us He will never leave us. Even unto the end of the world. (Matt 28:20) He says He will not leave us comfortless (fatherless) (John 14:18) He has come to those who believe His gospel.. (Rom 1:16)

A Call to God's Watchmen

[The following article is from "The Gospel Standard" (June 1997; Pastor Perry F. Rockwood, editor): Copied by permission from: "The Bible Believers Message", 702 Hastings Drive, Harrisburg, PA 17109-1610]

"Son of man, I have made thee a watchman unto the house of Israel: therefore hear the word at my mouth, and give them warning from me." (Ezekiel 3:17)

"If thou put the brethren in remembrance of these things, thou shalt be a good minister of Jesus Christ, nourished up in the words of faith and of good doctrine, whereunto thou hast attained.' (2 Timothy 4:6)

We are living in days in which the faith is being assaulted and the attacks against it are much more subtle than in any other epoch in history.

The agnostic thinkers of the 17th and 18th centuries did not pretend to defend "the faith of their fathers," they openly opposed the Christian faith.

The agnostics, Descartes and Kant, presented themselves as they were. The pantheistic Spinoza never claimed that Christianity was his faith.

But today the scene is completely changed. inside the local churches, the so-called theologians, as their great leaders, are manipulating ecclesiastical church politics and are imposing their ideas on them, making this 20th century Protestantism a scandalous ecclesiasticism, a cover made of different philosophies and religions of the world, a thing that made an atheistic Swedish Professor of Philosophy to ask with rudeness, "Are these theologians atheists disguised as bishops and clergy?"

It is a real scandal for the so-called Christian theologians to speak in such a way that an atheist could ask, "Excuse me, are you really atheistic?" That is the picture of the church all over the world.

Today atheistic and agnostic theologians, by using the so-called Christian tradition of the church, are able to present themselves around the world as great Christians.

By the grace of God He placed all over the world little groups of watchmen who are giving warnings from God, and exposing themselves to the devilish hate and to the fiery darts of the wicked.

The old Devil is using all his means to intercept their action. As it always happens, the fight starts with persecution, with threats, growing into excommunications of all those who take a clear stand and warn the brethren about the perils to which they are exposed. Actually these methods work for good, by helping to establish with more firmness the watchmen of God in more towers than were in existence before. So the Devil changes his aspect into the shape of an angel of light and he presents saintly Christian doctrines, such as prayer and sanctification, trying to enslave distracted Christians in order to reach his goal of overcoming the Christian testimony.

As Sanballat, he uses the dangerous weapons of ridicule by calling attention to the fact that we are a little group and that we are building on sand our wall of defense of the faith, and that our wall will fall down under the first impact of a fox. Unnumbered foxes have precipitated themselves over our fortress only to discover that our wall is built upon the Rock.

Some evangelistic campaigns are used as a means of hostility to those who preach 'the faith once delivered unto the saints'. Many revivals are used to try to mix our people with the enemies of truth, intending to deceive the simple members or our churches who love the lost and pray for them.

However, the mass evangelism of our day gathers together true Christians, with idolatrous Mary worshipers and rationalists who deny the divinity of the Lord. When someone makes a decision, they want us to send the decision card of this newly converted one to churches that deny the historic faith we preach .


Gore Says Homosexuality Is Divine Creative Act
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)--Vice President Al Gore stepped up the national dialogue over civil rights protection for homosexuals in a Nov. 16 news conference, saying God creates homosexuals and that God is grieved at their mistreatment.

Meeting with local reporters in his home state of Tennessee, Gore was asked about comments a month earlier in Beverly Hills, Calif., in which he praised Hollywood producers for forcing Americans to "look at sexual orientation in a more open light" with openly homosexual television characters. ( Reported by CNV News 10/21/97)

"I do not believe that God intended them to suffer persecution and discrimination throughout their lives here on earth. I do not believe God would have created them as he has and intend for them to be mistreated," Gore said. (excerpted from Baptist Press 11/17/97)

[Editor] Is Al Gore pretending to have the "mind of God"? He knows what God thinks other than what is written in God's Word? The phrase "I do not believe God would have created them as he has..." is real troubling to me. God does not create homosexuals. He creates humans who turn to sin, including homosexuality.

Folks-this homosexual legitimatization by the government "and the churches" leads me to believe that this abomination before God will play an important role in the rule of the Anti-Christ. It sure is playing an important role in the events leading up to his reign.

Handbooks To Replace Bible?
A handbook designed to help United Methodist and other congregations guide individuals who seek initiation into the Christian faith through baptism. has been released by Discipleship Resources, publishing arm of the United Methodist Board of Discipleship. ( excerpt from UM News Service 11/10/97)

[Editor] The only book that guided me to the Christian faith was the Bible. I came to Christ through God's Word, and I came to God through Christ, not baptism or a man authored handbook. "Protestant Man" is taking the place of God in so many areas nowadays, just like the "Roman Church" has been doing for centuries past. "Worldly Handbooks" are taking precedence over "God's Book" (Bible).

"Secular Righteous" Must Picket "Christian Congregations" to Protest Immorality.
A Presbyterian church that hoped to silence pro-life demonstrators has been rebuffed by city officials in Lincoln, Nebraska, who say the picketing is legal. The Rev. Bill Yeager, pastor of Westminster Presbyterian Church, says his church has been targeted for pickets by Rescue the Heartland of Omaha because abortionist Dr.Winston Crabb is a deacon and elder. Yeager asked the city to stop the picketing, but City Attorney Bill Austin said the picketing is clearly protected political speech. (IBNS 8/29/97)

Change Church to Cater to The "Functionally Secular"?
The church must work to be culturally relevant in an American society where 120 million people are "functionally secular" and have no substantial experience with the Christian faith, theologian George G. Hunter told church leaders at the United Methodist Church's Vision 2000 learning and leadership event in late August. Hunter, who is dean at Asbury Theological Seminary, said, "cultural relevance is one way we extend incarnational Christianity. We want to plant and grow indigenous Christianity. "Hunter said that American Protestantism seems to be stuck in the1950s. "All our worship services are contemporary," he said, "but most are contemporary to some other generation." (IBNS 9/5/97)

[Editor] All our worship services should be contemporary to the Apostle Paul's day. The Holy Spirit had him set up the order of worship and government in the local church for all time. If God was ever to change He would no longer be the God of the Bible, and as the local church changes it evolves farther from the New Testament church. It is the New Testament church that Christ founded. Any other church is founded by man and is separated from God.

The church does not need to change. It needs to preach the TRUE gospel of Christ and the "functionally secular" people who are ordained to eternal life will believe and be changed. (Acts 13:48)

Whose Faith is Influencing Whom?
[This report will serve as an ensample].(2 Peter 2:6)

Bishop Joseph Paul Bvumbwe of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Malawi in his speech July 14 during the Lutheran World Federation Assembly session "Mission and dialogue: Witnessing in a multifaith and multicultural setting". had this to say:

"Dialogue isn't the only way. We should consider seriously other alternatives," Bvumbwe said. "We are in the region where Christianity is minority, and we must be mindful," he said. "When you meet in dialogue, you exchange views on the issues that concern all of us as human beings, and you cannot do that without also showing how our faith influences all that you are doing,"

[Editor]: Whose faith is influencing whom? Read on

David L. Windibiziri, Archbishop of the Lutheran Church of Christ in Nigeria, said, "Islam has an influence on Christianity. "We call God 'Allah' because it brings us closer together with Muslims, gives us something in common. Allah is the God I worship in Christ,"

[Editor] I know that the Lutheran Faith is lost because of their belief in baptismal regeneration amongst other false doctrines. However this is only an example of what happens when people of different beliefs consent to dialogue with each other to explore what things they have in common.

This will eventually happen to "all" who participate in the World Ecumenical Movement. If the Lord tarries, those who are not snared by ecumenism in this generation will succumb in the next.

Those who turn away from the Word of God, (and refusing to practice Biblical Separation is turning away), will be in danger of the judgment. (Rev. 18:4)

I believe in the Eternal Security of the Believer, but what about the lost who will succumb to the false teachings of "worldly churches". They will be led into damnation by the churches rather that led into salvation. FALSE GOSPELS have no power to save. The world will reap what it sows. A FALSE GOSPEL will produce FALSE CHRISTIANS.

Luke 18:8 I tell you that he will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth? (KJV)

Former President Jimmy Carter says Mormons are Christians
Former President Jimmy Carter, a "Sunday school teacher" on a regular basis at Maranatha Church in Plains, Ga., said Southern Baptists are off the mark in their belief that Mormon doctrine is essentially non-Christian and Mormons are therefore in need of evangelization.

According to the article, Carter said, "I think the worst thing that we can do, among the worst things we can do, as believers in Christ, is to spend our time condemning others, who profess faith in Christ and try to have a very narrow definition of who is and who is not an acceptable believer and a child of God."

Sharing the gospel, Carter said in the article, is "a mandate that has guided Baptists as well as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and others all down through the centuries. I think that that's part of my own life commitment, is to tell others about Christ, and to offer them, at least, the Word of God, and to let the Holy Spirit decide, or ordain the results of those intercessions. So, I think that that's a very worthwhile effort."

"The only thing I'm hesitant about is exactly what you mean by proselytizing," Carter was quoted as saying. "If you mean should we Protestants devote our time to converting Catholics to be Protestants, that's something with which I generally disagree. I think, though, that if people don't know about Christ, I have a mandate directly from our Savior to try to share the message that he espoused both through his own words and through his own actions."

Carter's statements came in a copyrighted article that appeared Nov. 15 in the Deseret News, a newspaper in Salt Lake City owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The statements reportedly were made during a national teleconference with religion writers.

In the Deseret News article, religion editor Carrie A. Moore quoted Carter as saying SBC leaders were wrong in characterizing Mormons as non-Christians.

"Too many leaders now, I think, in the Southern Baptist Convention and in other conventions, are trying to act as the Pharisees did who were condemned by Christ, in trying to define who can and who cannot be considered an acceptable person in the eyes of God," he said. "In other words, they're making judgments on behalf of God. I think that's wrong." (excerpted from the Baptist Press 11/17/97

[Editor] Well, well, well. What have we here? We have a Vice President singing the praises of abominable active homosexuals, and a former President commending abominable paganism. You know, I believe if God told these men that their names were Al Gore and Jimmy Carter they would call Him a liar. Do they believe anything God says? What does "your" Sunday school teacher believe?

One last comment. Roman Catholics and Mormons do not know Jesus Christ and converting them to Protestantism is no guarantee of their salvation.. Many Protestant religions do not know Christ. Conversion "to Christ" through the "gospel of Christ" is man's only hope of salvation.

Freemasonry: A Religious Cult.
The 11/97 Charisma said: "Beneath Freemasonry's deceptive veil, there is more than just happy Shriners who stage parades and raise money for children's hospitals. The mysteries taught in Masonic lodges today are rooted in the pagan mystery religions of ancient Egypt, Greece and Mesopotamia. They stem from a bizarre spirituality involving fertility cults and sun god worship--forms of idolatry that have surfaced in every culture on earth and that are specifically condemned in the Bible .... Masonic teaching involves the worship of false gods." Some denominations say the' Masonic lodge is incompatible with the Christian faith. But Southern Baptist physician James Holly said (2/l/94 CC) the SBC has become the first Christian denomination that "essentially blesses" the Masonic lodge. Of the 3.5 million Masons in the U.S., 1.3 million are SBs (6/l/93,CC). And 14 percent of SB pastors and 18 percent of deacon chairs are Masons, (Calvary Contender 12/1/97)

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The man who fudges on God financially is like the baker who tried to save dough by making the hole of the doughnuts larger. But the larger he made the hole the more dough it took to go around it.

They Paid The Tithe, But Not To God.
A pastor asked another pastor, "How many church members have you?" "I have 1900," was the reply. "How many are tithers?" he further asked. "All of them," said the pastor.

"How did you get them all to sign the pledge cards agreeing to pay the Lord's tithe?" the first minister inquired.

"I didn't " was the prompt reply. "Only 347 signed the tithers pledge, which they have faithfully kept. The others are tithers too, but God has many ways of collecting. Through adversity, sickness, unimployment, ect. They pay the tithe all right, but not always to God.

-R.W. Neighbor
Sword of the Lord 11/14/97

The Apostate church says:
Unity in Diversity.
God says:
Can two walk together except they be agreed? (Amos3:3)


Q. How many Baptists does it take to change a light bulb?
A. Change?

Q. How many TV evangelists does it take to change a light bulb?
A. One. But for the message of light to continue, send in your donation today.

Q. How many liberals does it take to change a light bulb?
A. At least 10, as they need to hold a debate on whether or not the light bulb exists.

Q. How many Catholics does it take to change a light bulb?
A. None. They always use candles.

The Wichita Eagle (Wichita, Kan.)

ON THE SERIOUS SIDE-- Or More Truth Than Fiction.

Q. How many United Methodists does it take to change a light bulb?
A. This statement was issued: "We choose not to make a statement either in favor of or against the need of a light bulb. However, if in your own journey you have found that a light bulb works for you, that is fine. You are invited to write a poem or compose a modern dance about your personal relationship with your light bulb (or light source, or non-dark resource), and present it next month at our annual light bulb Sunday service, in which we will explore a number of light bulb traditions, including incandescent, fluorescent, three way, long life and tinted. All of which are equally valid paths to luminescence."

The Wichita Eagle (Wichita, Kan.)


I said I would talk more about how far is too far to attend a Sound, Bible Believing, Bible Preaching, Bible Practicing church in my last newsletter, but there isn't much to say. I believe my description of the church I found says it all. I thank God for that church and it's pastor. It took four churches and fifteen months of searching. to find this church since leaving my home church here in Hico.

After finding this church I find there are more sound churches around than I realized. I recently attended a Bible Conference at my new church home. There were as many as 20 or more attending pastors. That many "sound" pastors, "in one church" if only for three days was enough to encourage praise and glory to Almighty God from my lips. God has lifted that old Elijah syndrome (1 Kings 19:10) that I bore in bitterness. PRAISE GOD

The name of this church? It is Gateway Baptist Church in Gatesville Texas. Royse T. Cockrell, Pastor. Independent, Fundamental, Separated, Unaffiliated, Soul-Winning, KJV, Preaching all the counsel of God. (Acts 20:27)

I used to say "I'd walk a mile for a camel". Now I can say I'd drive 52 miles (one way) to hear "Sound Words".

New subscribers are welcome and appreciated. If you know of anyone who would like to receive this newsletter please drop me a note.

Until next month:
Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. (2 Timothy 2:15)

We Must Earnestly Contend For The Faith.