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1. The Billy & Franklin Graham Crusades
2. Homosexuality the Norm Nowadays
3. Crutches on the Altar

The Billy & Franklin Graham Crusade
Spiritually hungry Australia turns out for gospel message
By Andy Neckar

More than 130,000 people in southern and western parts of Australia attended two three-night crusades featuring the American evangelist. Franklin Graham in February. WOW! Where did all these people come from? Let's see.

An unequaled number of Perth Australian churches worked together to host the crusade. About 450 churches from 16 denominations -- including Anglican, Catholic, mainstream Protestant, and evangelical groups -- put past differences aside in the hope of having an impact on the community,

Folks-this Crusade probably had great impact on the community, but I wonder what impact it had on the spirit of those attending. If Franklin Graham was "preaching to the lost" why does he need the cooperation of 450 churches in 16 different denominations to draw the 130,000 people? Did these churches round up 130,000 lost sinners? If they did, why couldn't they have accomplished this independently and preach the gospel of Christ to them? Are not the "ministers" qualified to preach the gospel of Christ?

My beliefs on these types of Crusades are manifold.

1. The TRUE gospel of Christ is never preached at the gatherings. This is reflected by the cooperation of Roman Catholics who DO NOT BELIEVE the gospel of Christ.

2. Franklin Graham or his daddy Billy is incapable of amassing this large a crowd without unscriptural ecumenicity

3. .The "world" doesn't turn out in great numbers to hear the gospel of Christ. If it did, this would be reflected in the churches.

4. To the skeptics, I say. If Graham "is" preaching the TRUE gospel of Christ, (Rom 1:16) that is Christ crucified and resurrected. (1Cor 15:3-4) why is he preaching mainly to "church members"? Are their churches incapable of delivering this saving gospel.

5. Are these cooperating church members lost sinners themselves, that they make up the far greater number of Crusade attendees?

6. Why are these "converts" sent back to apostate churches? Is a false gospel producing false Christians with false ministers guiding them back into false churches? Where is the Holy Spirit that indwells the believer (Rom 8:9) and leads them to all truth? (John 16:13) Is the Spirit of God negligent, or are the professing ministers of God negligent?

Get this now--those preaching the TRUE gospel of Christ must preach the gospel "according to the scriptures". (1Cor 15:3-4)

In order to preach according to the scriptures one must:
a. believe in the infallibility and inerrancy of the Bible.
b. This includes but not limits a belief in the Virgin Birth
b. A Bodily Resurrection
c. The sufficiency of the Cross.

The Roman Catholic Church Does Not Believe in the Sufficiency of the Cross. In John 19:30 Christ says, "It is (teleo) finished" [completed, accomplished, made an end to, discharged, pay (a debt)]. If Graham preached "this" gospel, the Roman Catholics wouldn't be there. Their Church teaches that the Roman Church carries on where Christ left off. The Roman Church teaches that the merits Christ bought for us was not given to those who believe His gospel, but was given to the treasury of the Church to parcel out through the sacraments, indulgences, good works, prayers to and for the dead, baptism and other helps given by the Church. In plain words, it takes Christ sacrifice "and" Catholic liturgy. Vatican II states that through Catholic liturgy, "especially in the divine sacrifice of the Eucharist, the work of our redemption is accomplished (i.e., is an ongoing process]" (Austin Flannery, Vatican Council II, page l )

Does Graham preach that ONLY by simple faith in Christ one receives eternal life and the assurance of heaven as a free gift of God's grace, as the gospel that saves declares? Does he preach "against" the Roman belief that God's grace and the merits of Christ (plus the merits of Mary and the saints) are contained in a treasury which the Roman Catholic Church possesses and from which she dispenses in installments of bits and pieces of this grace (Vatican ll, Flannery, p 66, etc.) for attending Mass, saying the rosary, penance, etc.?

Those responding to the "call"--what are they called to? It is a plea to commit one's life to Christ as one "has been taught" by the various churches, NOT as the bible teaches. Most of those responding to the "call" are "recommitting" their life to Christ. But a "commitment" is not what saves us. "Belief" in the gospel of Christ is the ONLY way to salvation. Many Catholics are merely committing or recommitting themselves to being a better Catholic, or becoming more active in their churches.

Many of the mainstream Protestant churches do not believe in the Virgin Birth a Bodily Resurrection or the sufficiency of the Cross. Many of the mainstream Protestant churches teach a false gospel, i.e., baptismal regeneration, infant baptism, works plus faith etc. These Graham Crusades are made up of "church members" of these diverse faiths. How can ONE gospel appeal to "all" of them, unless of course the ONE TRUE gospel is NOT clarified at these crusades.

A generic gospel is preached at these crusades folks. If you have attended one and argue the fact with me it is because you yourself are deceived. A generic gospel appeals to generic Christianity, and has no power to save. The same can be said of a book "about" Christianity but delivers no saving gospel. "Christian" books authored by man are out-selling the God Authored Book all over the world. It seems everyone is eager to learn how to live a self sufficient, rewarding, self esteeming, experience driven, feel good, I am valuable, kind of life as revealed by man. Look in the "Christian" bookstores. The shelves are full of em. Even the spurious God Authored Books are outselling the REAL THING (KJV)

Folks, I communicate with a lot of people, by way of postal mail as well as e-mail. I hear from thousands. Many I hear from tell me things like "I responded to a Billy Graham "altar call' at a Crusade in 1969, and I was "saved" in 1974". Folks, I read-I study-I pray-I know what I'm talking about.

It's not so much "what" the Graham's say that condemns people, it is what they "don't" say. Before people can trust in the Jesus of the Bible they must be made aware that there are many different Jesus' out there in the world and in the churches.. People need dogs (leaders-watchmen) that bark.(Isaiah 56:10)

I can find warnings of false teachers-prophets-spirits-etc. in the Apostle Paul's letters. In short order I can fine these warnings in Acts, 2 Corinthians, Galatians, Colossians, 2 Thessaloians, Titus, 1 Timothy, 2 Peter, and 1 John & 2 John,. That is in "short order".

The sword of false prophecy and deception has come upon the land, and the majority of God's watchmen are ignorant and blind. They are dumb dogs that will not bark The worst part of the faithful watchman's job is to "watch the watchman", and warn the people of "him". It is many of the watchman on the wall that carry the sword of false prophecy and deception. Other watchmen on the wall are friends with the false watchmen and refuse to bark at them. They refuse to expose them for what they really are and warn others of them. They refuse to expose Catholicism, Mormonism and such as a false religion. They unite with them and exhort us to do the same.

The Billy and Franklin Graham crusades, the Promise Keepers movement, and ministries such as Bill Bright's Campus Crusade for Christ, and many, many other ministries and renowned individuals are deceiving the people and spreading confusion. God has to convert people "in spite" of the deceivers and dumb dogs, not "because" of them.

Yeah folks, much blood will be required at the hands of these deceivers and dumb dogs. (Ezek 33:6) I don't want this to happen to me.

Ezek 33:7 So thou, O son of man, I have set thee a watchman unto the house of Israel; therefore thou shalt hear the word at my mouth, and warn them from me. (KJV)

The Lord has set me up as a watchman on the wall, and folks--I'm gonna run my mouth. I'm gonna tell "all I know". I may stick my foot in my big mouth from time to time, but this dog is gonna bark.

Homosexuality the Norm Nowadays
by Andy Neckar

San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown will "marry" 50 homosexual couples in a mass ceremony at City Hall March 25. He says this is a bid to "put a human face on same-sex relationships." This will be the second mass homosexual wedding Brown has performed. The fee will be $65.00. $35.00 to register with the city as domestic partners and $30.00 for the ceremony.

Brown said, "San Francisco will once again take the lead on the discussion around same-sex marriage," "On March 25th, we will put a human face on same-sex relationships, challenging America to look at these couples who pay the same taxes, share the same hopes and dreams, contribute equally to society, and yet are denied equality under the law."

[Editor] You know what is meant by a "human face" in context of this article folks? The statement made by Willie Brown means that Homo's are "normal". They are "like us", in that we have different color hair or skin, but we are all normal according to our inherited, or God given traits.

The Christian cognition of homosexuals are that these people are no more characteristically ill-made than the rest of mankind. We are all born with a sin nature because of the sin of Adam. There is none righteous, no, not one. (Rom 3:10) For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God. (Rom 3:23) Man's sin nature, and that includes homosexuals, is NOT a God given trait, but our hearts are evil from our youth. (Gen 8:21) The heart of the active homosexual heart is "waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes they have closed; lest at any time they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and should understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them. Matt 13:15) (KJV)

The homosexuals want the government to cure the "consequences" of their sin, (aids research) but they refuse to listen to God when he speaks of healing their "sin". Folks, these people are gonna die.

An unrepentant human heart is deadly. Unrepentant homosexuals are doomed to the second death from which there is no resurrection. This means they are doomed "forever".

On the social perspective, homosexuals do contribute equally to society as a result of their lifestyle. They together contribute equally to the rising cost of medical care, and we must subsidize their lifestyle through our medical insurance premiums and tax dollars as the government frantically pays millions of dollars in research to find a cure for Aids.

They cannot in reality share the "same" hopes and dreams as heterosexual couples. How can they share the hope or dream of a family brought forth by" the two of them"? They must either adopt someone else's child or have a person outside of the relationship impregnate them if they are lesbians. Folks, this is "not" the hopes or dreams of the nuclear (traditional) family.

Homosexuals should rightly pay "more" in taxes that the average American because of the cost to the taxpayer of their wicked lifestyle. You know, the tobacco companies are having to pay for the medical costs incurred as a result of their product, yet the average medical cost of a smoker is not near that of the average homosexual. Second hand smoke is not near as dangerous to non-smokers as aids tainted blood is to "average" people.

Yeah folks, the perverts do not pay their fair share of taxes. America has always tried to find a cure for deadly diseases and "stamp out" the cause of the disease, but not in the case of the homosexual transmitted aids disease. A "cure" is researched, but the "cause" is left to run rampant without restraint by the government or the churches. The deadly homosexual lifestyle is encouraged by the government, in our schools and "in our churches". (the word "church" and "churches" as used in this article is referring to the "professed" Christian churches.)

The "cause" of the deadly sin disease of "alternate lifestyles" can be barred from our public school system. This will slow down the cause of "new infections". No longer will little boys and girls be exposed to it, and even taught that this type of lifestyle is normal.

The government can pass laws to "protect" the populace from the spread of this deadly Aids disease, as they have the use of the pesticide DDT some time ago. If one uses DDT now, one must use it in secret. One cannot openly use DDT and promote the public widespread use of this deadly poison. The "cause" (production) of DDT has been outlawed. This action on the part of government will slow the advance of the disease of Aids.

The churches can protect the "world" as well as the homosexuals themselves by condemning this abomination before God as He commands. The churches can stop "studying" this lifestyle and "convert" these sinners by preaching the REAL gospel of Christ to them. The churches can find this gospel foretold in the Old Testament and consummated in the New. The old cliché "physician, heal thyself", must be applied to these apostate churches though. Healing comes through believing "all" of the Word of God.

The True Christian churches of this Nation are doing their best to condemn this lifestyle and convert these sinners, but we are outnumbered. The world will win out. Still we must earnestly contend for the faith (Jude 1:3) until Jesus comes again.

How do I know the world will win out? Jesus Himself said he would find little faith when He returns. (Luke 18:8) There won't be a world full of converted homosexuals or any class of converted sinners for that matter. There won't be an abundance of "Christian" churches either Each new generation produces fewer Christians. The remnant is getting smaller every day folks. The time is close at hand. He's coming. SOON.

Crutches on the Altar
(Taken from the 3/20/98 issue of the "Sword of the Lord" PO Box 1099, Murfreesboro, TN 37133)

One day a minister received a request from a missionary society to preach a missionary sermon to be followed by a collection for a certain foreign field. The minister put his whole soul into the effort, encouraging the people to give cheerfully for the Lord's work.

After the sermon the collection basket was Passed as usual; but the minister watched the result with depressed feelings as only small amounts were dropped in. Evidently his words had not reached the hearts of his hearers. He noticed how those who were well able to give kept looking at the time, anxious to be out and about other things.

On the last bench, in the meantime, a battle was waging in the heart of a poorly clad girl. Through an accident, Margaret had been crippled. She could not take a step without assistance. One day a kind lady procured a pair of crutches for her, and since then her life had been much happier. This Sunday she ventured for the first time to church. What a great blessing it was to be able to listen to the Gospel once more.

As the usher came near with the basket, Margaret said to herself with a sad heart, "I have nothing to give-not a cent-and there in the foreign land the missionaries are expecting our gifts; they need so much to carry on their work. Oh, what can I do?" These thoughts went through her mind and made her shudder. "My new crutches could be sold for a sum of money, but I cannot spare them; I must have them; they are my very life".

"Yes, your life", said a voice within; "but did not Christ give His life for you? If you give what is your life, some poor souls in Africa will hear that He is their Savior too. Oh, if you only would!"

Finally a glow came over her face. She pressed, a kiss on the crutches and waited, her heart pounding.

The collection basket came to where Margaret sat. The usher knew her well. He gave a friendly nod and was about to pass on. To his astonishment, she made an effort to lay the crutches on the basket. The man grasped the situation, took the crutches out of her hand, put them on the basket and carried them slowly through the aisle, laying them without a word on the altar.

Everyone watched him in breathless suspense. They all knew the young girl, and many eyes filled with tears. The minister, deeply affected, laid his hand on the crutches and repeated solemnly the words of Jesus: 'She hath done what she could".

What a stir this incident made in the meeting! Suddenly the perspiration came on the banker's brow, and he wiped his face with his handkerchief as he pulled out his pocketbook. The rich lady fumbled about for her purse. The rich merchant whispered something in the ear of the usher, who passed the collection basket once more from bench to bench. This time money came like raindrops.

Quietly and solemnly the people left the church. One lady stepped up to Margaret and gave back her new crutches. She had redeemed them for the benefit of the missionaries for the sum of one hundred dollars.

The happy girl returned home, little realizing how much she had done that day for her Master.
-Author unknown


UMC Joins Hands With Hollywood & Roman Catholic School
DAYTON, Ohio –- A United Methodist group has put a new twist on connectionalism by joining hands with a Hollywood actor and a Roman Catholic high school in what amounts to a chain reaction of ecumenical work.

Actor Martin Sheen, a Roman Catholic activist, is doing the voice-over work for a key presentation at the United Methodist Association of Health and Welfare Ministries' upcoming national convention. The event is set for March 12-15 in Chicago. This is the first time the group has ever worked with a Roman Catholic high school, Hoban said. The school preferred not to be named.(United Methodist News Service 3/3/98)

[Editor] Connectionism-- Connected to pagan churches, connected to the world, connected to celebrities, but separated from God. Folks, the United Methodist as a Denomination is a false Christian denomination, and if there be any God fearing churches that remain in this abomination before God, they will soon fall because they cling to denominationalism rather that fundamentalism.

The UMC denomination is a mockery to true Christianity. You may get me wrong, but God is not mocked. (Gal 6:7)

UMC "Reconciling Board" In Full Communion With Homosexuals
The eight-member national board of directors for the Christian Educators Fellowship (CEF) of the United Methodist Church has designated itself a "reconciling board."

With such a designation, it joins a network of United Methodist congregations, campus ministries, and other units of the denomination which "publicly welcome the full participation of all persons, regardless of sexual orientation." CEF includes more than 1,000 members, most of whom are pastors and Christian education leaders in local congregations. The organization has 50 local chapters and sponsors national conferences. (United Methodist News Service 2/27/98)

[Editor] You know, the Holy Spirit of God speaking through the Apostle Paul calls some members of Christ's Church saints that "once were" abusers of themselves with mankind. (1 Cor 6:9-11) Be not deceived, such Methodistism shall not inherit the kingdom of heaven.

By the way! Christ's Church consists of "repentant" sinners. I wonder whose church welcomes unrepentant sinners? Let me Sat-an contemplate on that for awhile.

UMC to dialogue with Mormons
An elder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) joined United Methodists in Salt Lake City Feb. 20-22 for the first formal dialogue between the two denominations.

The Rev. Doug Slaughter, pastor of Community United Methodist Church in Ogden, Utah, said the dialogue was organized through the Utah-Wyoming subdistrict of the United Methodist Rocky Mountain Conference.

He noted that pastors in that area face "a constant series of questions about how different aspects of church life, as seen from the United Methodist perspective, relate to the LDS Church." (United Methodist News Service 2/27/98)

[Editor] While the UMC dialogues with the Mormons, God's people witness the gospel of Christ to them. Christians should consider witnessing the gospel of Christ to the UMC too.

Respect for Economic Justice Prerequisite for Church Membership?
The World Alliance of Reformed Churches, which represents 210 Presbyterian, Reformed, United and Congregational churches, is preparing to take action to ensure that its members give greater respect to the principle of "economic justice."

The Rev. Milan Opocensky, World Alliance of Reformed Churches' general secretary, told Ecumenical News International Feb. 12 that churches and their members must be made to understand that their "salvation is at stake" if they refuse to reject unjust economic structures.

While mainstream churches around the world have paid more and more attention in recent decades to the ethics of international economics and finance, Dr. Opocensky said the alliance was the first international church body to say that these issues were an integral part of the Christian faith.

Furthermore, he suggested that WARC might elevate respect for economic justice by its churches to a condition of membership.( 2/25/98 Ecumenical News International)

[Editor] I begin now to understand why these churches call themselves reformed. They have changed from the gospel of Christ to the gospel of man. They now claim that the " Social Gospel of Economic Justice is the power of man unto salvation unto everyone that participates".

You know, I don't feel sorrow for them. These people know the true gospel of Christ, but have rejected it. They have neglected the salvation bought by Jesus Christ the Son of God. They cannot escape. (Heb 2:3) They are ordained unto condemnation, (Jude 1:4)

Billy Graham Forgives
Billy Graham would forgive Bill Clinton if the president was found to be guilty of having sex with a former White House intern and lying about it. In an interview with NBC's Katie Couric, aired on the Today show March 5, the evangelist said Clinton, 51, has "such a tremendous personality that I think the ladies just go wild over him".

"I forgive him...because I know the frailty of human nature, and especially a strong, vigorous young man like he is." Graham, who has been a personal friend to nine presidents, said pressures faced by presidents may lead some to "temptation." Presidents have had shortcomings "and yet they are considered great presidents," Graham said. (Excerpts from "Religion Today" 3/6/98)

[Editor] Remember the article I sent out on 2/25/98 "When Forgiveness is a Sin"? Remember how the article said that "young Christians" like to forgive others who have not repented because it makes them "feel good about themselves"?

Luke 17:3 Take heed to yourselves: If thy brother trespass against thee, rebuke him; and if he repent, forgive him. (KJV)

You see the word "repent"? You know, I don't believe it's there for nothing,. But I guess Billy Graham does. You remember how the article referred to "young" Christians? Well-it's because the "old" Christians like Graham was their example.

Wounded Heroes or Lost Sinners?
(excerpted and adapted from Religion Today, 3/25/98)
Article paragraphs in quotation "

"The church's 'wounded heroes"'-- pastors who have stumbled -- often feel worthless, squeezed by responsibilities, and even abandoned by God. Now they are beginning to find help".

"'Wounded Heroes' retreats combine clinical and Scriptural counseling for pastors and their wives. They were begun this year by Freddie Gage, a former Southern Baptist evangelist who spend time in a psychiatric hospital. for depression and anxiety."

Ministers in all denominations wrestle with personal problems that are common in American society, such as depression, marriage and family discord, and obsessions with pornography or infidelity. A Leadership Journal report last year found that a third of pastors feel physical stress and 41% emotional stress at least once a week because of their work.

[Editor] Ministers who struggle with pornography or infidelity are no more than lost sinners who need the mercy of God as "all" lost sinners do.. And the ONLY way to receive this mercy is to repent and believe the gospel of Jesus Christ. (Acts 20:21) Physician, "save thyself" before you attempt to save others.]

"Many pastors leave their ministries or get fired each year. Long pastorates are increasingly uncommon, researcher George Barna found. Only 6% of pastors have been as his or her current church for more than 20 years, he found. Among Southern Baptists, 6,000 pastors leave their ministries each year, including 225 who are fired each month."

[Editor] This figure amounts to about 15% of the Southern Baptist pastors who either leave or get fired from their ministries each year. There is one word that will cover this dilemma. Instability.

The faith "once delivered to the saints" (Jude 1:3) is in a state of instability, folks. It is withering on the vine and will soon fade away. Jesus won't find a "heaping, helping" of faith when He comes.

The "elect" are getting ready for His imminent coming. They are awake and seriously and earnestly contending for the faith.(Jude 1:3) They are holding fast the form of sound words. (2 Timothy 1:13) until Jesus comes. (Rev 2:25)

The "world" is getting ready for His imminent coming. The people are falling away and making ready the imminent appearance of the Anti-Christ. (2 Thess 2:3)]

"Participants are asked to completely forgive and love those who offended them. One pastor said that every week during his sermon, when he gives the invitation for people to come to Christ, he wants to come forward and get on his knees himself, but is afraid to do so".

[Editor] Isn't man's pride "always" the reason man will not come to Christ? In this case it is pride, the fear of what others may think. The pastor may be humbled if he should publicly repent. Folks-this is a no-no in the case of many arrogant preachers who desire to have the preeminence among the people.]

"'I'm launching a crusade,' asking God and his fellow Christians to 'replace the word 'stigma' with 'mercy,' Gage said."

[Editor] This fellow Gage. I wonder about him. I am so grateful that I don't have to rely on sinful man to ask God for mercy. The God I worship has no stigma toward repentant sinners, only mercy. Making a statement that man ask God to replace-- that is "change" his attributes is heathenish.

It is not only the pastors who are falling away from God The churches and the members in those churches are submitting to Satan's tactics. The people, the churches, and the leadership of the people and churches are falling in line behind the Pied Piper of Deception.]

Lil' Bit Of Humor

While waiting in line to check out at a Christian bookstore, a man in front of the contributor of this true story asked about a display of hats with the letters WWJD on them. The clerk explained that the WWJD stands for "What Would Jesus Do?", and that the idea is to get people to consider this question when making decisions.

The man pondered a minute, then replied, "I don't think he'd pay $17.95 for that hat".(Readers Digest-Life in These United States 4/98)

You Tell On Yourself-or-What Fruit Do You Bear?

You tell on yourself by the friends you seek,
By the very manner in which you speak,
By the way you employ your leisure time,
By the use you make of the dollar and dime.

You tell on yourself by the things you wear,
By the spirit in which your burdens you bear,
By the kind of things that make you laugh,
By the records you play on your phonograph.

You tell on yourself by the way you walk,
By the things of which you delight to talk,
By the manner in which you dear defeat,
By so simple a thing as how you eat,

By the books you choose from the well-filled shelf,
In these ways and more, you tell on yourself.
So there is not a particle of sense
In an effort to keep up a false pretense.

-Author Unknown


In order to further the truth of this present day apostasy, I am offering to "pastors only" a bundle of the printed version of the Christian News & Views monthly newsletter to display in the lobby of their church.

You must write and tell me some about yourself and the church you pastor, and tell me how many copies you think you may need on a monthly basis. This offer is to pastors of churches regardless of denomination or affiliation.

I don't believe in the ecumenical movement permeating the churches, but I don't write for any particular denomination either. God has called me to bring the message of Christ ( gospel-doctrine and warnings) to the believers across the "world", wherever they may be.

This newsletter is not written to, or for, the "Elite Elect" or the "Baptist Brideism" cult as preached in many churches and newsletters. Although I am a member of a "sound" Independent, Unaffiliated, Baptist church, I do not wish to carry that flagrant Baptist Brideism brand. You will not find any "Scripture Twisting" and unscriptural opinionated preaching in the CNV.

I am looking forward to hearing from some of you, and don't forget to send the name and address where you want these bundles mailed. This offer is limited to the US and Canada for now.

New subscribers and comments are always appreciated. See you next month if Jesus tarries.

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