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Bible Believing Christians
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a Biblically Correct Newsletter
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"Earnestly Contending for the Faith".
Using the King James Bible, to encourage and instruct Born Again Christians,
wherever they may be.

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Must Read . . .

  • Why I Warn & Expose Error
    I am grieved for those who cannot understand my concerns and my warnings. I am not "attacking" the ministers who are obviously in error. I have nothing against them personally.  From the Editor...

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Recommended . . .

  • Brethren Assembly Truths -   Over time & through the generations, many fundamental bible truths have been lost, pushed out by modernism or are simply not taught. Things which the saints once knew were wrong & never questioned, they now embrace heartily.
  • The Bible Answers Page an elder at the Gospel Hall, in Lower Argyle, Nova Scotia.




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The Pilfering and the Pillaging of the Pulpit and the Pew

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